Advice on playing with specific team

I’m considering (rather largely) using Magneto/Storm/Cable and was wondering what main playstyles I should expect to learn to master with this team, and also peoples’ opinions on their ideal assist types to pick and how that might also change slight variences in playstyle with-in the team. Lastly, which assist character (i.e. Tronne, Psylocke, etc.) would best compliment this team as well, and if at all possible, how the prior question of changing assist types might affect which assist character to choose (if at all).

Thank-you very much,

Rom infinite + resets (and set-ups)

Runaway, air combos (and set-ups)

Tiger Knee AHVB, keep away, Guard break -> AHVB

Just a couple of things to get you started. Also, check this thread:

It has lots of info on the top 4.

So you think that regardless of which assist characters I pick, playstyle will pretty much only depend on who is on the screen? Because the guide states that both Storm/Magneto receive great Sentinal G assist, so would it be better to use Sentinal with Storm/Magneto than Cable? If that is the case, then would I need to change which assist I use for Storm/Magneto then?

I think I understand pretty well how each character works on their own, but I am wondering from players how match dynamics actually pan out when playing with this particular team, as theory and real-life matches can be quite different.

you’ll want to try Storm-A/Sentinel-Y/Cable-B.

or Mag-a/Storm-a/Sentinel-a or y, drones and rocketpunch will change the combos and spacing that this team will have so try both and see with one you like better, and for what match ups you like.

oh yeah you could also do Mag/Cable/sentine-a or y

IMO I’d say that you should forget what you’ve read about in regards to what works well as far as character pairings. Play as characters that you think are fun, find your strengths (and weaknesses) as a player, and find the characters that suit your playstyle.

Watch vids, and learn from them. Remember, xcopy to help your game grow, but not stunt it. In other words, don’t just copy combos/setups, but learn why they work, and how to apply them. Have fun and be original, there’s plenty more to discover within marvel. All in all, just play to innovate.

If you are serious about playing this team, I suppose I can try and figure some stuff out for ya.

First of all, assist set, you would want to (IMO) play this team Mag-A/Storm- y/ Cable-b. As you can see, you lose clear out ability with Storm with the horizontal typhoons, but you gain various things from tweaking her assist.

This will allow a unique ability with Magneto, to keep an opponent pinned down and beat up an assist character at the same time, as well as trap potential for more 50/50 mixups. Also, I believe you can set up an unmashable that is quite easier than the one with Storm-a. Launch + Storm-y, sj. lk, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. fp xx MT should do I think, I haven’t tested so I’m not sure.

Basically, with Storm on point, just do the regular things that you would with MSCyke, since it plays similar to that I guess. Run or rush pretty much. Assiststorm(what I call AAA into hailstorm) works well with Cable’s anti air.

With Cable, you just want to trap and punish mistakes. Keep it very basic. With Mag-a and Storm-Y, you can lockdown from any part of the screen, as well as take care of any assists that come your way. Well placed grenades and scimitars should punish and protect from over the top or from square dashing respectively. Remember, from any Storm-y hit, you can sj. fp xx AHVB.

But this is an offbeat approach to it, and how I’d probably play it if I ever wanted to play it I guess. Keep in mind it’s weaknesses and strengths, such as trapping potential as a strength, and basically Sent/Cap as a very BIG weakness, but have fun with it.

I hope this helps.