Advice on Replacing Buttons and Tightening Screws or Replacing Arcade Sticks?


I recently purchased a used HORI Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 Fighting Stick from a second hand shop. It was marked $50.50, I pointed out the stickiness of the buttons essentially made it unusable so he cut off 10%. He advised me since we live in AZ, there was likely dust in the buttons and opening them and cleaning them may resuscitate them.

I did so, taking the button out of each casing then using compressed air to clean the dust (there was visible dust and grime) and windex on a Q-tip to clean before reassembling each button, then reinserting them into the case. I also recently bought a “Pandora 5s+” fighting stick which has much better buttons in terms of click than the HORI but I find the joysticks to be too loose for my taste.

Online there are videos about tightening (or loosening) the internal spring in order to give it more stiffness, I prefer the stiffest click buttons and the stiffest joystick feel. I’m also not used to the Japanese ball design and prefer the American Atari stick that flares out (not sure what’s that called). There is now a difference in the HORI buttons but they are still not stiff enough for my tastes.

I’m wondering, can anyone advise me the best buttons to replace the HORI buttons (they are Sanwa) and how or if it’s advisable to adjust the springs of all the sticks or if I should just replace them? The person who sold me the “Pandora 5s+” claimed it worked with 360 but I have had no such experience, finding it only to work with PC however online it is said it works with PS3, is this true?

I only have Soul Calibur V for PS3 so this will serve me little (got KoF XIII, UMvC 3, SSF: IV AE, SFxT, Fight Night Championship, Tekken 6, Sonic’s SEGA collection and just about every game I want an arcade stick for on 360).


Pics or it didn’t happen


So, since then I tried to use the stick with the PS3 and it didn’t work. Apparently it’s a “Pandora’s Key 5S+” which I seriously suspect is a knockoff. I screwed the bottom of the sticks in and tightened them a bit but still find them sub-standard. So I would like to replace 5 24mm buttons (1 on HORI, 4 on Pandora), 6 30mm (at least) and 2 sticks.

Any recommendations for stiffest, highest quality replacements, preferably with American style stick?