Advice on tournament play/ MVC2 or SF4?


This is WAAAAAYYYYY over due, but I decided to finally post this because I am curious about tournament play.

First off, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris. I’m 17 and live in Detroit, MI. The first game I got decent in is Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, where I mained Alex and Sean. I play SF4 and MVC2 currently. My main(s) in SF4 is E.Honda and El Fuerte (used to play Zangief). Teams that I use in Marvel is Dhalsim/Doom/Cyclops and Jin/Ryu/Doom, including other low tier characters. I go by Cee Dizzy on SRK and Youtube (Even though I don’t have videos up) because that is my GT on XBL.

I made this thread because I wanted to get to a level in which I can crush anybody. I wanted to know how some of you guys became competitors in tournaments like SB4 and Evo and other big time tournaments. How much do you play on a weekly basis? How can you get casuals in without Tournament Play? What do you practice in training mode?

Also, at this moment, I play SF4 and Marvel (as i said before). I love both of these games to death. I play these games at least 10 hours a week each. But I am feeling like I’m losing because I try to balance these games out and it doesn’t work out in the long run (especially in SF4). The question is, what game should I practice more? SF4 or MVC2?

Thanks for responding. Maturity is appreciated.



if you were going to drop a game make it MvC2, with Super coming out soon SF4 is gonna have all the hype around it.

time spent weekly can vary from player to player, find out whatever fits your schedule best and run with that. it would be easy to argue that the more time you spend playing the faster your skills will rise.

how can you get casuals in without tournament play?!
by playing the game…
Find out what is going on in your scene and make it out to gatherings as much as possible.
If there is no scene where you live or you arent able to make it out then online is your best bet, just add people you run into that are really good.

Practice everything in training mode.
Hit confirms, FADC combos, find out every way you can land your ultra and learn set ups for each one.
Learn every combo your character can do and which is the most damaging.
Do every combo at least 10 times in a row on both sides of the screen.


I feel you on MvC2 being dropped for Super. It’s going to hurt but it will be worth it.

Detroit is a scene that consist of good players like Wolfkrone, STD, Alucard (Twan), etc. But consist of a crowd that I don’t want to deal with. I only knew of one tournament and that was Michigan Masters in January. I looked at the Midwest matchmaking for tournaments but couldn’t find none. Is there an easier way to find tournaments?


I’d say the easiest way to find tournaments is through the matchmaking on this site.
That’s how I first got involved in my scene.
Even if you don’t see any news of tournaments just post in a thread and introduce yourself to your local players. After that you could ask about gatherings.

It’s understandable that you might not like or get along with some of the guys in your area, but you might have to learn to deal with that.
Remember, you don’t have to make friends with anyone or even like them. As long as you show up and play with a good attitude you should be fine.
You might even be able to use that dislike to fuel your level of play because you want to beat these guys and embarrass them.
Either way, don’t run your mouth or talk shit. Always be as respectful as possible.


lol. I do need that fuel to beat people. Thanks for replying. I didn’t try posting in the thread. I will do that.


Good luck with everything.


If you’re looking for casuals outside of tourney play check the regional matchmaking section.

As for SF4/Marvel, if you’re a sort of new player, you should really pick a game to focus on. Marvel is one of the most execution intensive of the Capcom games. It’s hard to excel at it to begin with; especially so if you’re not practicing daily. I think your teams will also hold you back at a tourney level.

So, if you’re serious about Marvel, I’d say start putting in more practice hours and reconsider your team makeup. Otherwise, focus on SF4.


Idk if my team will hold me back (maybe the second one), but I don’t practice at a daily basis. So I will drop Marvel. Thanks.


Start in small local tournaments and start playing in Arcades. I believe that Event Hubs should have a SFIV locator. I know for sure that Daigo plays in arcades all the time. XBL will not get you far though it will get you somewhere. In marvel, you will quickly realize how unbalanced it is because the majority people will pick a team but take out one character and replace with their own.


We don’t have any sf4 machines in Michigan anymore sadly.

You should post in the Michigan thread in the regional matchmaking section and come to the tournaments, they are run twice a month here.


Where are those tournaments?

Good shit with the Eventhubs info. I’ll see if it works.