Advice on wake up and other tricks?



I’ve been playing ultra online for the first time over the last few days, I haven’t really picked a character but tended to go with Cammy, been trying to stay off those cheesey shoto’s that everyone uses and came across a few Chun Li players and it seems like an interesting character.

On trying to use her however I have nothing but respect for people that main her. For a start I have no instinct for characters with charge moves, that said the best players I have come up against so far have either been Balrog or Bison players, I have no idea how to combo in to a charge move as the timing of the start is difficult to judge, also her anti airs aren’t overly apparent and I have no idea what decent wake-ups she has if you have no bar.

Her footsie game though is awesome but all I can do with it is combo in to lightning legs.


Hey dude, I’ve played you a few times, I think. You’re on PSN, right? Don’t get discouraged learning a charge character, they are much tougher than non-charge characters because you can’t mash with them. That’s the major crux that most fraudulent players use online. They mash through your strings and hope something good happens, and then take momentum from there. When you zone them out, they fall apart. lk.hasan-shu is a great reversal for catching out players that are trying to bait out your Ex.sbk and, you will meet a lot of them. Ex.sbk is only a good reversal option if, they have messed up a setup, miss-timed a cross-up, neutral or safe-jump.

The best advice you can teach yourself is learn to block first. Walk forward, block. Block on wake-up. And, then also, Chun-Li’s backdash is one of the best in the game. There are few characters that have the tools required to punish it effectively. You use her backdash to re-establish neutral where she works best.

Other than that, study videos. Whenever you encounter a problem you can’t immediately overcome, record that thing which is troubling you, in training mode, and find a way to beat it. And, play patiently, above all else. Make your opponent work for their advantages.