Advice please: buy ssf4ae or wait for sfxtekken?

Hey. Just getting back into gaming after some years. Got a 360 for Xmas. Bought a Madcatz stick, and currently have tekken 6, which I enjoy, vf5o, which I have not yet opened, and umvsc3, which is weird to me because it’s so different from mvsc2 which I love on dc.

Amazon has a good price for ssf4ae, but I try to spend money wisely, so would I be better off putting the cash toward sf x tekken instead? I don’t think I will buy both games. Is sfxtekken supposed to be very good? Or is ssf4ae likely to still be the better sf game?

Thanks, and sorry for the noobish questions.

Also , I am more into single player games right now, since I am so rusty. Just looking to have fun. Will be a while before I dare play anyone online. :o)

Go buy ssf4 now. Ssf4 will always be the main fighting game for atleast another 2years

Cool. I just placed the order. Only $20, brand new. Hard to resist.

There’s really no good answer because SFxT still isn’t out, but…
SSF4 is still going strong, and I honestly don’t see it dying out any time soon. And for $20? Snagged. I think you made a good choice.
cough and gems cough

Stay with SFIV.