Advice please

I’m doing this for a friend. I was wantint to get a rough idea of what I needed to work on as far as Sakura’s proportions and anatomy go. Also, does it look like she’s actually sitting on the bed. I plan on cleaning this up and adding in a background. I’ll take it into photoshop after I ink it tomorrow. I hope to get a few ppls opinions before then so I can fix some this.

  • I like how you’ve drawn her - she looks very pleasant. expression, body language, etc are very nicely done.

  • her legs are kinda long for the rest of her - either scale the legs down or make her body larger.

  • I can believe she’s sitting on something (based on her pose). The bed itself is a bit confusing, though… I think she’s sitting on the edge, so you were right in depicting a bit of sag on the bed, but I don’t think that the bed should bulge upwards as a result, though… keep the surface level. I also think the blanket should cover the end of matress, looks neater & more realistic.

  • use a reference to get a better idea how her skirt would fall. It doesn’t look quite right.

overall, good job :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I haven’t drawn many Background or objects. I mostly draw figures. I really need to work at the other stuff.

Rook here said pretty much all that can be said about the drawing itself. I’m just here to tell you to scan on greyscale and at 150 dpi instead of 300 next time, it really lowers the sketch’s quality.

…Also, what would Sakura be doing in an empty room with a bed in it? Draw some extra stuff: a window, a dresser, a lamp, anything that would make it look roomy. Also, if it’s supposed to be Sakura’s room, it should have girly things like teddy bears etc. or Sakura-like things like a poster of Ryu, haging boxing gloves, a huge picture of a hotdog or something like that.

HAHAHA. I don’t know why, but I found that really funny.

Rook’s got the critique on point. I just thought I’d reinforce the thing about her legs. They are not jsut too long, but too beefy as well. Legs like that belong more on a womanly character, like Chun Li or Rose. Sakura is a cute teenage girl, so smaller legs would help show that.

Keep it up :slight_smile:


The hot dog seems to make sense… anyways, like I said, I am putting in a background and will repost on this thread. The scan turned out bad b/c I was using my friend’s scanner and couldn’t find the options. Thank you all for the help.