Advice/suggestions for woodworking equipment

Hey guys,
So since last summer I’ve been in LOVE with the idea of building a custom stick. Ever since I learned how to padhack, bought one of QCF’s mdf cases and put together my first stick, I couldn’t stop thinking about building another one for myself. I have attempted to with the help of a friend who owns a table saw and power drill, but the results have been a bit sloppy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been considering the idea of buying some equipment, I want to get a saw, drill press, router, and spray gun. I know it’ll be expensive but I’m going to have some extra money from the government and I like to buy myself nice things lol.

Anyway, does anyone have suggestions? Name brands, models, anything important? Is it totally stupid for someone with little woodworking experience to buy these things? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

good luck with your build!

Ahh now I feel dumb for making a new thread lol. Thank you so much!