Advice/Tips on an LED Lighting Project?

So I want to get started on an LED lighting project, but I’m not sure where to start looking for the type of components I would need, nor do I know what kind of technicality it would require. Basically what I want to do, first off, is build a panel maybe 1m long and 10cm wide (random measurements for now) and cram it with LEDs which alternates in all kinds of different colours. I’d also like to have it hooked up to some kind of driver component where I could have text written in it, or arrows, shapes, Pac Man, whatever.

Where would I start looking for these kinds of light controlling components? What would the limitations be on a project like this? And so on… Any input is much appreciated…

I’d start there and keep searching around until you find a project similar to what your working on.

Looks good! I’ll check it out, thanks!

No prob :slight_smile: I’m on there all the time for random diy projects, great stuff