Advice, tips & tricks, strategies on keeping it safe while doing it raw

i don’t know if my GD cred will go down any for admitting this, but in my 25 years of living, i have always used a skin for vaginal intercourse. though, I don’t wrap a condom around my dick when I’m going for anal.

so i come here, inquiring wisdom from the GD elders, on how to poke a lady’s vagina au natureal, while makin sure you aren’t going to pay any child support in 9 months.

Soak your balls in hot water daily

You’ll need to talk to FMABB about that.

Bust it in her as many times as possible and make sure you leave her your legit contact info plus the info of several secondary contacts.

It certainly helps if you KNOW she’s on the pill (like seeing her. rule number 1: never trust her on that…that’s your life bruh).

I’ve been lucky (or unlucky I guess) to have found a majority of my partners who have had odd hormonal problems that made pregnancy like winning the lottery. I guess if they’re were lying I’d be screwed.

Moral of the story is, you’re not going to get a lot of good advice about this because going at women raw is not the smartest thing to do, so you’re not going to attract the smartest of us here lol

Rub your dickhole with the hottest pepper you can find and I will GUARANTEE you will never have to worry about them bitches being pregnant!!!

Well with raw meat you want to make sure your work space is nice and clean. Keep the meat away from other foods you plan to eat, you don’t want cross contamination. If you plan to use the meat in a day or two it’s fine to just keep in the fridge, but if you plan to hold onto it for more then that it’s best to freeze it. When done handling raw meat be sure to always always wash your hands.

Azrael hasn’t posted here in years, last I heard is he’s a gaijin porn star in japan whatever that means, but he used to post all the time about his techniques claiming he has never used a condom in his life and has never gotten a pregnancy scare. The old relationship threads are around here somewhere so start digging.

And ask around for the AZ “octopus” story:tup:

I even wear condoms with my extensive collection of RealDolls because the feminazis will probably give them full rights and you just know they’re all trying to get half my stuff and if she gets my TurboGrafx 16 I’ll be pissed.

I know a guy that looks like a real life version of Bonk.

On a serious note - research the rhythm method. It’s success rate amongst those who truly practice it is higher than condoms.

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Can’t blame him for making the thread really. Condoms are pretty much the worst.

Still using them though.

Just stop her heart 30 minutes prior to intercourse. The lack of blood will render her genitals useless.

Citation needed. I want to try this.

I can’t wait for the second generation of Fembots to start rejecting the advances of all the creepy nerds despite their programming and advocate to have rights in choosing their own partners in shit. Future is gonna be pretty bleak for all you potential robot rapist.

Light your dick on fire.

The success rate of people who truly know how condoms work and practice them is even higher!

The difference is, you can be a careless dumbfuck and condoms are still pretty reliable.

There is no sure way dog. Just give them hoes you fuckin’ fake names and contact info…

Super glue your dick hole or maybe get vice grips or clamps to block off the passage.

lol condoms