Advice to a newbie on how to start


I just bought SSF4:AE. I have very limited experience. Mostly, its SF2 experience in the arcades, playing the random person and friends, as well as many hours of playing it against friends on the NES. But while we boasted and had ‘big’ challenge matches against each other, I don’t think that any of us knew anything about frame data, or well basically anything other than what we learned through experience and trading secrets.

I started playing the story mode today, and quickly realized that I didn’t know how to do anything. So I went into the training mode and started to practice a few moves. But what i’m interested in, is how do you recommend that somebody starts learning to play? Should I spend a good amount of time just playing the various characters, running through story mode, learning a few things in the training room? Or should I just start learning one character, get a strategy guide, and sit there and practice one move at a time until I’m proficient in it?

Right now, the forums are a bit of information overload,and I simply have no idea how one should get started in learning how to play this game.


Check out the stickied posts in this section:

That will help get you started along with the basic principles of 2d fighting games with this video:


It uses ST as an example, but the introductory sections do a good job of covering the concept of ‘controlling space’.


Pick a character, Learn a BNB, stick with him…