Advice to someone who can't attend casuals/gatherings, only tournaments?


Due to my work schedule, I can’t attend my scene’s weekly gatherings, just our ranbats on Saturday. I find this a problem because my lack of real match experience is one of my biggest flaws IMO. A lot of players suggested online play, but I’m not too keen on it due to lag and the risk of picking up bad habits. Because of this I’m now just playing the CPU to get combos down in the flow of an actual match. As of right now the games I play are UMvC3, P4A, and MK9.


Is it possible for you to stay longer at your ranbats and just play casuals? That sounds like it’s the most viable option for you to get exposure to offline matches. Otherwise, if you have no time throughout the week to practice offline, and you hate playing online, your time schedule is probably too full to add daily practice into the mix.


Play online. The matchup experience will be infinitely more valuable than whatever supposed “bad habits” you might pick up. Of course, UMvC3 is kinda garbage online, but P4A is quite solid. Can’t speak for MK9.


Get people to come out to your place, or make time.

Don’t play online unless you absolutely have to. From my experience P4A is unplayable online on PS3 - the combos feel fine, but the neutral game is basically destroyed by lag.

You probably need more time in training mode anyway. Practice the combos of your character (if you’re playing P4A, go to dustloop for character info, not SRK).

Invite people to your house, offer them snacks and drinks, and make an effort to say that you want to get better on forums/in person and that you need to play people to do so. You’ll find like-minded people.

Even playing for an hour or two with someone who lives close to you is way better than not playing at all or playing online.

You personally have to decide whether fighting games are worth your own time, and how much. If you have responsibilities the whole week then you probably are too busy for games anyway. I find it hard to believe that at first glance, though. Consider whether you could move your schedule around to get responsibilities out of the way faster at the expense of free time you would rather spend on grinding fighting games rather than, say, reddit.


MK9 sucks online and i cant speak for UMvC3 or P4A.


Time management is probably the most important skill that nobody talks about. I remember reading a post by someone on here that said one guy was kicking ass with only 30 minutes of game play a day. Playing online can be a viable way to learn a lot about a game, but unfortunately, the games you play (UMvC3, P4A, MK9) all have pretty shoddy net code and are exempt from this.


Thanks for the advice so far guys.

It’s not that my schedule leaves zero time for gaming, it’s just that I always miss my scene’s token gathering (which is every monday), and nothing else really goes on for the rest of the week, with the exception of some impromptu gatherings.


Get as many casuals as you can in before/after the tournament.


And that’s why I suggested getting people to plan out these impromptu gatherings in such a way that you can include yourself. Ask people very specific questions, like if they’re busy next Tuesday after 5 PM, for example.


you don’t really pick up bad habits from online. it just feels a lot easier when you play offline.


You don’t learn to whiff punish when you can’t react to shit. You think your mixups are good when really you’re just doing the same thing over and over and you can’t block it on reaction offline. You don’t get punished for max damage because people drop shit because of lag spikes.

You definitely can develop bad habits from online unless you specifically try to play it like it’s offline and accept that bullshit is going to happen.


Online is fine to use to learn the game. Just remember:

  • You’re using online to learn. Your online rating doesn’t matter. Winning is nice, but you’ll learn more from taking a loss than you would from winning by lag tactics and other grimey online shit.

  • If you can only play online, you need to complement it with a lot of work in training mode. Don’t wait until you find an opponent who figures out your tactics (that can take forever, especially if you play ranked where people can’t rematch you), take it to training mode and see if you can break it yourself. Training mode is how you’ll find out if something is really gimmicky or if it’ll actually fly in a tournament match.

  • Online is a whole different beast. For example, Aigis is extremely unpopular online, despite being top 2 in the game. You will get almost no experience against Aigis online but you should expect to run into several good ones in any tournament for the game.


When did P4A get a reputation for being bad online? Last I heard it was great except for the Xbox 360 issue which has since been fixed.


I don’t know what the guy saying it’s not is smoking, because it is great online.


Will do.


I’ve also taken it upon myself to try to attend every tournament I can. I feel that as long as I make the most of the limited time I have, I’ll be good to go.


Order pizza and invite the people who gather together on mondays to come to your place on a day of the week that works for you. Gamers are suckers for free pizza.