Advice toward learning street fighter 3rd strike


Alright so I want to learn 3s but I dont know how to go about it. I know the basics,such as parrying,buffering,kara moves,etc. I just dont know the best way to practice parrying,is parrying 100% needed to be good at that game? what about combo’s?

Ive look at some of the forums on the 3s section on this site and it looks pretty much dead. The character Im trying to learn would be Alex,hugo or necro. Im leaning more towards learning Alex though. What exactly does it take to get good at 3s would it have the same elements that ssf4 has? Ive been playing ssf4 for awhile now and its time that I give it a little break and try out a new game. Please help/direct me to some good info that will improve my game. currently im playing on ggpo/supercade until 3s oe comes out.
also what would I use to practice the game? do I need a practice mode to get better if so which version of 3s should I try to obtain?


Yes, at some level you’re going to be able to parry and–like every game–land combos. Though the 3 characters you’ve chosen are less combo oriented than others. They also all kind of suck, but don’t let that stop you. Beyond that, as far as what it takes to be good, pretty much anyone else could probably tell you better than I; I’m neither a fan of the game nor good at it.

As far as practicing goes, either load up cheat codes on an emulator (infinite life/meter/time) and use that, or pick up the PS2 version if you have a PS2 stick.

I realize it is not as bumping as the SF4 section, but the 3S section does have a lot of good info in it. If you are in the character specific sections, make sure you tell the forum to display all threads or it will look like no one has ever really posted in them.

The Alex thread is a good place to start:

The wiki also has a lot of good information on 3S in general:
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

…and on Alex in particular:
Alex (3S) - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!


ok thankyou for your help,my character selection was based around non top tier people lol I did what you told me to do for the threads and there is a decent amount idk why I didnt think of that.


This tutorial is invaluable for new players.

This super sucks but some people still use it.
SA2 is best.

I am not an Alex player so I don’t know much about him. However, I think watching match videos can help. It can show you what works and doesn’t work or which move is best used in certain situations, etc.


[media=youtube]uUK0Pt5c5K0]Ryu [Dance] vs Alex [Bakuto[/media]
[media=youtube]-Wbf66ppnuY&feature=related]Ryu [Dance] vs Alex [Bakuto[/media]


I remember seeing the Thongboy video before…it’s dope.


Parrying is not necessary starting out and will likely lead more to your losses than wins at teh start. Learn to parry projectiles and jump ins and you should be set for beginning play. PS2 or DC version have parry training where you can pick Ryu and spam fireballs and just parry them all to get used to it. Later, obviously, youll want to know block strings for characters/read opponent and parry the last part of their strings to punish and the odd air parry for your jump ins or if crazy, learn to parry entire SAs, but a lot of newcomers come in and spam parry adn eat combos or throws or what have you. Its like watching some hakumen in blazblue try to counter every single attack.

If youve been playing SF4 and can do combos, links, cancels, etc, you are probably good to jump right into parry training though. Spend some time learning the game first though. Stage size is much smaller than in SF4 and its quite easy to corner/get cornered. Its a major factor in Makoto being so much better (there are other things that make her better in thsi version too, but this is one I think makes a big difference) due to her incredibly slow walk and for limiting zoning (3s doenst have much of a zoning game regardless thanks to parry). One back throw from Ken can corner most people in this game for example.

So, yeah, with SF4 experience, jump in, see how things are, timings, links, cancels, etc for character of choice and then hit up parry training. Dont get parry happy out of the gate. It will just frustrate you.


thanks for the advice Ive found some cheats for the emulator to practice since I dont own a ps2 or dc. would it be alright if I got the anniversery collection for xbox? because I already have a stick and 360 to play on. so far ive been watching videos to learn the mixups of each character so I can get a feel for the game. Shoot all that time I spent in training mode on ssf4 im feeling somewhat confident in being able to get down simple bnb’s lol


I dunno about playing 3S on the 360, but the XBox version is good. Some people argue that it’s a slightly more accurate port than the PS2 version, but either way you should be fine.

I also want to tell you that you should learn how to block. If you know how to block everything, then it’ll be pretty hard to beat you. I’m saying this because there are a lot of notorious high/low mixups in the game, especially Dudley and Urien. It will also make it somewhat easier for you to transition to parrying since you will start reading the opponent better.

I’m not trying to patronize you or anything. You have no idea how many people just try to parry everything and skip the fundamentals…


yes I know the basics are very important in every fighting game but when I play I block almost to the point where I can get a few counters until my blocking gauge crumples and I see stars lol. They made a patch for 360 so you can play the anniversary collection on the 360 but they shut off the original xboxlive for it so you can only play offline. Im at the point where if I know I cant parry it I wont even try it until I get a console version to practice parrying by itself.