Advice with Namco stick mod

I’m thinking of modding my old namco (grey with yellow buttons and yellow ball top). Don’t really wanna do anything too hard, it would be my first mod. My soldering skills are pretty basic at best.

What I wanna do is swap the ball top for a bubble yellow seimitsu, keep the stock stick, change the buttons to clear yellow seimitsu (or perhaps sanwa) and keep the hori pcb.

I’ve read the guides by arcade stick monk and kowal, pretty useful. What I wanna know is:

How would I connect the buttons to the pcb? Can I bend the seimitsu prongs to fit the pcb easily? If I went for sanwa how would I bend their prongs? arcade stick monk did it pretty well in his pics. Or would it be easier to solder the buttons to some wire then solder them to the pcb - if I did this how/where would I secure the pcb? Oh and will a seimitsu ball top fit on the stock stick ok?


I’m not sure theres enough space in there to not bend the prongs and use wire.
Anyway, they’re pretty easy to bend down to fit Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons in there, but you’ll have to open up the holes in the Namco pcb a little bit, which can be done with a drill so long as the bit isn’t too big.

The balltop will fit right on.
If you can though, I’d reccomend replacing the stick too, it’s really not very good.
Modding a sanwa in there is the most time consuming part of the exercise, but it’s not hard per se, you just need a little patience.

thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

I guess what I’m really trying to avoid is any drilling or cutting, which is why I’m not enthusiastic about fitting a sanwa stick. Hence drilling the pcb is something I’d like to avoid too (could change my mind about that tho). I kinda wanna be able to return the stick to stock, should I ever (don’t know why tho) want to do so.
Anyways it’s the buttons that I find the most lacklustre on the stock stick. Maybe what I’ll do is connect the buttons to the pcb with wire/quick disconnects, then tape down the pcb (wherever I can fit it).

I’ve never used a sanwa or seimitsu stick outside of the arcade, so the namco stick’s hori stick suffices for me as I’m used to it, I can only compare to my stock agetech. Tho, I’m awaiting a hrap2 sa, maybe once I go JLF I won’t be able to go back :slight_smile: If that happens, well the namco will be the stick my mates use haha…

I’d mod it for ya. :wgrin: I have fun modding Namco’s. I should give Hori FS3 sticks a whirl.

thanks for the offer, but I live in London, Uk!

I’ll gladly accept a ticket!
/needs a vacation

Honestly if you have a Dremel, the mod for the JLF is pretty easy. The prongs on the Sanwas fit nicely when bent. Not sure about the Seimitsu’s though. :sad:

Good luck with whatever you do with it! Very nice sticks, especially for travel.

haha gotta concentrate on my own vacation for now :slight_smile:

is it easy to bend the prongs? Just a set of pliers needed? Drilling the pcb to have slits to match the prongs don’t sound too hard.
Tho the allure of the clear seimitsu buttons is strong, but I would maybe need to use wire and tape the pcb somewhere rather than have it secured via solder to the buttons directly.

Yes sir. You can bend the prongs with your fingers. Unless you want to bend them in the smaller shape to fit in to the holes on the Namco PCB, then yes, use pliers. If you solder, just make sure it’s a LOW watt iron. (15-20 Watt makes it soooo easy, a caveman could do it.)

Cool the prongs sound pretty pliable.

hmmm… think I’d go for the wire and solder way, or perhaps one prong per button direct to pcb (so as to secure the pcb positioned where it is more or less stock) and the other connected with a lil wire. I got a 12W iron which worked fine on my wii pic chip, should do the job, tho I still need a solder pump.

Thanks for your info guys, it’s really helped me be more secure before disassembling the stick.

Seimitsu ps14k’s, seimitsu ball top on an original hori stick.
Original hori pcb inside, soldered to the buttons directly. upper half of each button prong
cut off to fit the original holes in the pcb.

Thanks to JDM714, Imitrex and Lokiprophet for your help, made all the difference!

Hah, awesome! Way to go dude. :bgrin: