I really hope im not out of line here but i believe this is the right forum for this and not a bad question. There is a guy in my town selling a tournament edition stick for a whopping 120 bucks. Thats a really great deal I am sure but its so great im afrad to buy it. I spoke to someone at my local arcade and they said that even if something is wrong with it, barring a crack in the middle its still worth it because you can fix it. Thats fine and dandy but here is my dilemma. This will be my first arcade stick, my question is 1 is that good advice, two what defects will i look for that may not be so obvious and three, youre overall opinon. Lastly where would i even go to get it fixed because i have no tools or experience of any kind with sticks. I am really in a pickle here and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Why don’t you have him show it to you first, and let you test it out?

thats the thing hes all like Im not comfortable with a stranger in my house blah blah blah, which i understand. Bottom line im gonna have to take how i see it, thats why i have to know what Im seeing.

Then ask him to let you borrow it.

either buy a new one or make a stick, don’t buy one if someone isn’t willing to let you try it out and you have to ask the question… why does it have the crack in the middle… my immediate answer is its from damage caused from him punching it (because hes a sore loser) or its damaged from him punching it (because its faulty)

if someone has an ad about him selling a car and he tells you… “sorry you can come round to see it, i dont like having people i dont know outside my house…” then its simple, you dont buy the stick, hes the seller and he should do his best to sell his desired object.

on the flip side, how come he hasnt put it on ebay at a starting price of 120 and let people fight it out? because of the damage? or because he is trying to pull one over… you cant give him negative feed back on his profile in real life lol.

if it looks like shit, and smells like shit…

chances are…

its shit

i think i was unclear, i what i was trying to say was that the guy i talked to was saying as long as it doesnt have a crack in the middle then it should be fine, because anything else you could fix

This sounds shady…

test it before you buy it

the electronics might be fried