Advise on gettin myself a cabinet for MvC2 or 3S

Sup dawgs, Ima be movin out soon and I want to get myself a cbinet for my new place. The only problem is, I dont know how to go about finding one. I’d be willin to make one with my homies, but I dont really know how to go about doin that either. I’m willing to spend around 1000$ on this project. Is that realistic? Please help me SRK Tech Talk!!!

If u wanna build one… then i suggest going with a mameroom cabinet that you can put together easily

They also do custom control panels so u can get more elbow room.

just get a computer and use 3s on mame and wait for naomi to be fully cracked for marvel.

the other option is to buy a POS cab, repaint it, and get a new control panel… gut the rest of it… and use a computer or keep the jamma and get 3s/marvel boards which are like 400$ alone.

You can get insane deals for 3s on eBay. Someone just sold one for 150 bucks.

that says it didn’t come with the actual CPS3 mpbo

PCB, CDROM, security cart, and CD are all there. that’s a complete board.

aah… i thought i’ve seen more encasing in other boards i’ve seen for sale.

When I move im thinking about getting or making a Guilty Gear Cabinet.

What if I had this machine:

What would I have to do to turn it into a mame machine witht he games I want. All help would be appreciated.

Move In Where? You living with DingDangDoomsday?

i looked at and I think Im gonna get one of dem. How do you get the art for the cabinets though?

MameMarquees I think specializes in artwork for cabinets and stuff.

Yeah they are awesome.