AE 2012 Akuma Wishlist?

So with the new rebalance incoming what do you guys want to see.

I say he just needs a few damage/stun buffs. Particularly his 200 stun sweep and higher damage srk/red fireball back. Everything else can stay the same.

I think Akuma is fine, there are characters about on his level, which is fine, there are characters with strengths that don’t really fit into this game that should be nerfed slightly, and everyone else should get Capcom’s best effort at buffing to around Akuma’s level without unbalancing them.

A bit more stun would be nice. Not vanilla stun but just a bit more so it doesn’t take 7-8 mixups to stun the opponent.

200 stun sweep is really what he needs most. At least then you could actually stun somebody.

I reckon leave the stun on sweep and just change the sweep hitbox so lk.Tatsu --> Sweep works on everyone. He honestly doesn’t need many changes as he’s so near the top, I can’t think of any others to be honest.

Im not an Akuma pro at all (Suck with him actually lol) but I do miss him being one of the Stun kinggs, he has to work so much harder to stun someone now compared to some others.[details=Spoiler] I started playing around with Seth + Makoto, and seriously every normal with Seth has like 200 stun its ridicilous lol. (Not to mention Seth mixups are on par with Akuma I’d say, so its not like its hard to mixup for that final Dizzy) (+ He has the Range/hitbox to match) And Makoto…3-4 normals/frametraps = Stun, its insane. Never gotten more stuns with a char than with Mako. (Don’t Nerf them though CC >> <<)

Bryanv2’s noob buff wants not to be taken srsly for Akuma- Letting his St.Lp hit crouching opponents like Yun. - Making it so that, a or any special after a Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp won’t whiff lol (I know no one agrees with Akuma’s normal range, but srsly…Ken = 5 jabs into F.Srk, Akuma like one jab and the Fierce will miss at certain ranges lol, I hate his normal/follow up range especially on Cr. opponents) - A new move where he can throw 4 fireballs from a demonflip. kk.[/details]

Pretty much the Stun would be nice lol. Oh and yea not making his combo > sweep so char specific.

Combo into sweep on everyone, and 200 stun sweep. Dont nerf him.

Everyone in this game should be on Akuma’s level. He is very well balanced.

Tatsu -> Sweep on everybody would be too much I guess, crybabies would then be all over the place if you ask me.

I mentioned it in the other thread, but I’d like him to have a bit more stun, so that quoting Shin, we “could actually stun somebody”. It’s gets ridiculous when you land like 4 mixups and you either fail to stun them, or it just happens when they have like 20 health left. He doesn’t have (for the best lol) to be again the powerhouse (in term of stun) he was back in Vanilla, but stripping him of it entirely?

I don’t really see the sweep getting back to 200 stun though, they nerfed Chun one which isn’t really comboable aside from HK~MK legs with a 1 framer and has even slower startup. So no, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

I’d also like the Shakunetsu to be again core of Gouki’s combos, because as it is now, you basically use it only when:

  • MP DP FADC LP Shaku will stun the opponent
  • Antiair/Reversal DP FADC Shaku will win the round or bring you closer to it

And both hardly ever happen, at least to my experience.

That’s why in the other thread I suggested increasing LP DP to 200 stun, so that going for LP DP FADC LP Shaku would net some stun at the cost of crappy damage.I don’t really think this would make him that stronger, being very situational, but it would add some variety at the very least.

Don’t know about you guys, but I also wouldn’t mind getting EX Shoryu’s damage nerfed and HP Shakunetsu’s damage increase by, like, 15 or 20. This way you basically get the same damage you’d get from EX Shoryu in Super/AE but you’d have to sacrifice 2 bars. That’s a nerf, yeah, but we’d be back to using the red fireball again.

Also, EX Tatsu feels shit, I don’t get why it always fails to 5 hit. That move is almost nonexistent now, there’s (almost) no point in using it. Reducing its damage/stun was a no brainer given Capcom approach to rebalancing in SF (where they basically nerf every special which exceeds 200 stun and stuff like that) but it shouldn’t miss a hit, the damage/stun output becomes crap.

Still, I’ve a bad feeling about the next update lol.

I can understand your bad feeling…

If my main was “perceived” as being one of the Top 5 of this game (regardless of how he is hard to use), I would get a little worried too… ^^

Make FS MP slightly better AA for keeping divekicks out and make it special cancellable :stuck_out_tongue:

Most complaints I hear from people fighting VS Akuma is that his FS RH is too good. Maybe a slight nerf to it e.g. plus 1-2 frames between hits so it’s focused easier? When you have ultra you can still demon out of it if they focus though :stuck_out_tongue:

Akuma’s a setup character. Even though he shouldn’t receive buffs at this point, I would like some of his moves to have less frame advantage for the ability to tatsu sweep everyone. He should be liable to do that. Either way, he probably won’t receive anything significant (whether it is nerfs or buffs) since only Tokido placed in top 32 as an akuma player.

^ True Akumas a setup heavy character but I think you are overlooking how he gets into Tatsu > Sweep situations in the first place.

A couple of big ways Akuma sets up his offence is from frame traps (counter hit cr mp > sweep for example) and throws. If you nerf his frame advantage his frame traps will likely suck so you will have less opportunities to get into Akuma’s BnB.

His frame advantage is currently too good for a variety of his moves. His best probably being cmp. The only character I know that can setup equal length frame traps or perhaps better would be fei, and that’d be it. I still think Akuma has too much priority for his frame traps. Characters like Gen and Blanka are frankly a bit dead in this category.

It wouldn’t make him to strong, or overpowered if he could Tatsu all the cast members, its something that should have been made that way in the first place imo lol. I think its tbh something CC should fix, since its stupid that a certain move only works on certain chars.

Its like if Srk > Fadc > Ultra was only working on some characters (Ryu’s Ultra for E.G) it should work on everyone to begin with IMO.

The only people I hear complaining about that are those who don’t have a clue about how unsafe that thing is on whiff and have poor is extremely good only when both hits connect and the second one doesn’t whiff, and it doesn’t happen against many characters. Btw it was already nerfed in Super: worse hitbox, +1 startup (bye bye loop and fireball FADC combos - now they need very specific spacing and are hell of tight), -10 damage.

I hope they don’t nerf his frame traps because fishing for counterhit is essentially the only way to set up some vortex on those characters we can’t Tatsu -> Sweep. Say they nerf that, against Yun we’re pretty much screwed (not that we do that good now lol) since sticking out pokes is asking for trouble and sweep after tatsu doesn’t work.

Speaking of this, i remember Tokido going for fireball fadc cl.LP, Sweep against Yang, but I’m not sure about sacrificing that much damage.

It is just fine. He needs it with the range on his normals.

Not really. While his frame advantage is decent his active frames and overall hitboxes is ass. Your window to hit your opponent is significantly smaller than other shotos, an obvious trade off for more versatility. If you reduce his frame advantage, even for a tatsu sweep, he would drop down the tiers significantly.

I think they’ll be nerfing him and not buffing him personally

This , instead of asking for buffs we should be hoping he does not get nerfed.

Only 1 request: Leave the demon alone, no buffs or nerfs.

Seriously, Yun & Yang are going to be nerfed for sure, if other top tier characters don’t receive noticeable buffs, Akuma does not Need a single buff, not 1. Yes 200 sweep would make our lives easier and if it was up to me I want Vanilla Akuma back, but do we really need it against the current cast? No we don’t.

Since Capcom is all about nerfs and not buffs to balance the game out, best case scenario for me would be to leave Akuma untouched and give Yun & Viper a couple of nerfs.