AE 2012 All Costumes

Not sure which thread this goes but, is there a package on the PSN/XBL store that offers ALL the costumes? By all I mean everything. All the Alternative/Ultra/Colors/etc… everything.
I noticed a bunch of packages and combos but wasn’t sure which one that has it all.
If there isn’t one, which package do I need to get to achieve them all?

Nah sadly on ps3 and xbox there isn’t to get all the costumes you need to buy three or four costume packs. I believe they were called super costume pack, ultra (shadaloo?, not sure about this part ), arcade challengers and then there’s one costume pack from street fighter 4 vanilla (the original sf4). However for some reason if you play on pc they do a have a package with all costumes and its significantly cheaper as well.

Ahhhhh… that’s really whack as hell! It’s going to be so damn expensive to get all the DLC costumes then.
Yeah, I was wondering because I recently got the game.
And I noticed UMvC3 has a deal for like $19.99(IIRC…) that gets you ALL the ALT DLC costumes.