AE 2012 Boxer Changes - Report your findings!

Capcom official report changes:

Headbutt - Increased damage from 100 to 120 for medium, 100 to 140 for heavy, and 100 to 150
for EX version.

U2 - Increased damage from 300 to 399, easy input.

Overhead - Shortened hitback distance when hitting opponents on the ground, and eased linking
with crouching medium punch, etc.

cs.HP - Expanded hitbox downward, enabling contact at close range with Ryu, etc. when

overhead -> crMP -> hard headbutt
works on crouching blanka

Is it possible that the hitbox for c.hp changed? It seems as if it hits crossups

can somebody explain to me why is this useful?
" cs.HP - Expanded hitbox downward, enabling contact at close range with Ryu, etc. when
crouchin "

does anyone else feels like there is a slight reduction, of rigidnes at the end of animation, to a whiffed headbutt? a little more like super (but not quite) and less than ae
overhead cr mp to HB workd on cammy fuerte, chun, adon, rose, twins, ryu, seth t hawk, ubuki, makoto sakura, juri, sagat, hakan. those are the ones i have tested.

EDIT: after seeing this list i realised that its not only mid screen, its also in the corner and crouching. so my findings are just for the mid screen standing characters. but i can confirm it works on akuma, standing or crouching mid or in corner

BUT HB WHIFS on crouching cammy mid or in corner

you can use cs HP as a frame trap after a crouching jab

use the more up to date followups to OH list @ "Gettin' that Bike $!" AE Balrog Match-up Thread .(the xls has the most information, but there are a lot of other worksheets in there that might be confusing) All OH follow-ups into headbutt on crouching cammy whiff, does connect, so xx hp.ds will work. You guys might want to try to see if OH, cr.lp, mods any hitboxes to the point where you can connect headbutt or cr.lp, makes a difference, since we have less hitback.

musacci has it right. Jav1ts has a video up on utub that shows a 400 dmg 1 meter CH combo against fei long using cr.lp, cl.hp

Thanks for the updates on the OH stuff. I’m gonna be playing rog a little again so interested to see how the new OH is looking. So question is sounds like using cs.HP is better after a c.LP then the cs.MP to force them to stand?

ohh… overhead > cLK > headbutt works now on the twin when they are crouching. afaik it didn’t in ae. though, i can’t connect cMP on them :frowning:

well, cl.hp is only good on CH, that makes it +5, it’s normally +2, so you can’t net a combo off a non-CH, also both are -2 on block, so you’re at a negative frame advantage but you can combo after on non-CH, pros and cons. cl.hp will definitely net you more damage and you can’t do anything more off of (it’s only +6 on CH).

nice to know you’re picking rog back up. Still going to main/sub blanka?

correct, it didn’t in AE, twins couldn’t get anything crouching but sweep.

Guess we don’t have to worry about followups missing on crouching guile anymore :]

“lol” overhead into crlk or crlp or crmp all combos on crouching cammy :frowning:

used to whiff previously.

also did they change ex rush punch spacing? theres this one that hits low balrogs mostly use it to escape on wakeup. that travels far. emmm seemed shorter to me when i played vs balrog.

i dunno.

another update… oh > cMP > headbutt works also on crouching balrog :smiley:

this buff is huge !!!

it’s startup is depending on proximity to the opponent, so it might be that, most rogs shouldn’t/don’t use at a distance so the opp might be ancy about OH.

Anyone test out OH, on crouching Cammy/Guile. I’m thinking that there should be a couple of characters where we can land close normals. Like Akuma maybe. Something like OH,, xx hp.ds/

Really depends. I’m really losing interest in SF4 right now. But i still enjoy tournaments. I was going to switch to Fei. But i think since i already understand rog it requires less practice of me to stay good with him. I think i’ll main rog then side blanka for matchups vs like guile/chun/DJ. But i’m gonna focus on rog more right now.

because there is less pushback on the overhead you can hit a lot of characters now with a lvl2 focus for a crumple now. IIRC this only worked on gouken and sakura before.

here are some of my findings

lvl2 focus crumple doesnt work on vega rose and cammy ( couldnt get it to work )
lvl2 focus crumple is very hard to do on Ryu ken cody guile and fuerte ( possible but not practical )
lvl2 focus crumple after overhead works on everybody else

overhead xx overhead whiffs on viper and cammy

In ssf4ae, OH xx lvl2 FA should work on the entire cast standing, crouching, it only works on Abel, Akuma, Blanka, Viper, Cammy (difficult), lvl1 on Dhalsim, Honda, Gouken, Sakura, Zangief, Guy, Juri, and Oni. It stands to reason that this list should be longer with the reduction in hitback. It’s also important to time the FA to hit after the blowback, the charater staggers back, and then goes forward, release as they come forward, otherwise it’ll whiff.

Oni espcially, you have to time the FA release to compensate for the blowback.

Hmm that’s odd. The changes said that the motion for U2 would be simpler but it hasnt changed at all.

motion, should be 720, look at the input and confirm that you’re doing a clean 2xhcb, you might be short cutting the inputs.

But aren’t the changes from AE to 2012? It was already HCBx2 in AE so why would they say it’s easier in 2012 if it’s the exact same motion?

Yeah the list I made is only on crouching chars.

For some chars it is really really easy and some are tricky

I just can’t seem to get it to work on vega rose and cammy. focus always whiffs.