AE 2012 Cammy's optimized combos (Alioune)



I promised to post Cammy’s max damage combos during AE but then after the ae 2012 cammy changes , i decided to wait a little bit longer to update them before posting. I’ll be posting char specific combos 1 at a time because it takes some time to do the maths.

So it goes like Standing opponent, Jumpin on a standing opponent, Crouching opponent, Jump in on a crouching opponent.

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Dr. White is now leaving the lab: AE Cammy Combos

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Dr. White is now leaving the lab: AE Cammy Combos

Thanks Sensei … Alioune :oops:. <3

much appreciated. i will go through the list. im already incorporating fierce combos and practicing how i would recognize the hits on standing or crouching opponent. the stun output for the big combos is just insane. can stun ryu in ~2 combos.

also, can you add the value for the below its missing 1 number:
Ryu: jumpin: jump hp > cl hp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral hk 35

value is 355



Fixed , ill try to update the post by char select screen order , so next is makoto . Everything is so char specific.


If it helps I was practicing combos vs Juri and that same Ryu combo (Ryu: jumpin: jump hp > cl hp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral hk 35) works against her but I could only get 340 damage and it was with MK spiral arrow finisher

Edit. Cant get it to work on Standing Juri, only crouch, dunno if I suck or if its Juris hitbox.


This combo is char specific and it depends if they stand or crouch. Ur fine choco it doesn’t work on standing juri.




[media=youtube]JcXQOZZkOQY[/media] an illustration of her new optimized combos , will post up makoto seth dudley gouken later


Updated: with Makoto Dudely Seth Gouken


Thanks a bunch sensei!

just a question regarding seth. for the “Jumpin:jump hp > cl mp > walk forward > cl mp > spiral hk 344” combo, what is the time window for the walk forward into I’m having a little trouble with it.


It’s just one frame of walking forward, if I can read frame data right.


It’s 2F of forward walk since the first frame of walking doesn’t move you at all. So it’s an unplinkable 1F link followed by another 1F link. I would rather just use double fierces. Removes the unplinkable 1F link, deals 1% less damage.


hurg gurgle the cannon spike timings are sooooo strict…


did far mp get a speed buff? cl.hp to far mp doesn’t work in normal AE, afaik…


No it didn’t change. This link doesn’t work.


Arigatou gozaimasu Sensei :slight_smile:


First of all, thank you so much, Alioune, for this detailed information and to everyone else for lending additional advice/explanation!

I think that there is a typo for jump-ins against Gouken: jump hp > cl hp > cr mp > cr hk > spiral mhk355

                                           crhk &gt; spiral mhk = link sweep into top secret hybrid medium|heavy spiral arrow!?

On an unrelated note, ever since I saw Alioune hit cl hp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral I’ve been trying to reproduce it but have failed. I have been trying to plink all of the intermediate hits. Am I correct in assuming that all of the intermediate links are unplinkable? Are there any general tips for hitting this?

Secondly, I have been able to hit cr mp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral mk consistently after landing an ex-strike, but never raw on a standing opponent. Is it impossible to hit this combo raw?


i think he meant jump hp clhp crmp crmk hk arrow AE2012 edition.

about that combo:

  1. it works on crouching specific characters except blanka and… honda can be hit by it standing. in hondas case end with mk arrow.
  2. initial hit is required low or tk ex strike or jump hp/hk.
  3. plink

so ex strike, stand hp, crmp~crlp, crmk~crlp, qcf+hk or mk

i think there are 3 methods to plink crmk and avoid accidental ex arrow

  1. i plink with jab. i never get accidental ex arrow ender.
  2. regular but just quick press to avoid negative edge.
  3. crmk~crlk (HOLD both), qcf+hk … when arrow comes out. release all. Dataking method taught me this one.

crmp crmp crmk works on many characters standing. emmm… like chun li. gouken… etc.


added gouki gen dan sakura oni


Thanks Sensei, i’ve got a question tho :oops:. back in super you rated the Guy matchup:

• Guy 7/3 for Cammy

i always wondered whats the secret tech that would make the matchup so in cammys favor. i feel now its more of a 6-4. was this because of TKCS vulnerability and the backthrow unblockable?? and that without meter he doesnt have reliable normal or special AA?