AE 2012 for PC?

I have not found a thread for this, but it appears to me that PSN and XboxLive got their AE 2012.

What about the PC? Any information regarding that?

they have to wait for gfwl to verify it or something

Where did you read that?

some article
also ive read somewhere that theyre working on it now

Going by Capcom’s timeline, I’d say summer 2012 is a reasonable date of release.

They are working on it right now. Couldn’t work on it until 360 version was finished.

I think that’s more or less the official response I read.

Hopefully, before Starcraft Ghost is release.


Sven and Ono have both stated that they weren’t working on the PC patch until the Xbox patch shipped. This means that even if they managed to finish the patch in a week they’d still have to get Microsoft certification on the patch before it went live. Most of the time these patches take around 2-3 weeks to get certified for release after being sent to MS (assuming no problems with the patch leading to MS sending it back without cert.)

Given the large scope of the patch, it wouldn’t surprise me if this patch took an additional week to get certification. So we are looking for the patch to hit sometime in January. And this is assuming that they don’t stop working on the PC patch to fix the problems that have shown up with the Xbox/PS3 patch recently.

Starcraft Ghost has been canceled for a while now.

swoosh that was the whole idea… it was a joke

I was wondering if it was at first when I read it. But now that I know, then It’s not funny because Starcraft Ghost was a title in development, while AE 2012 is a patch. Not only is it a patch, but it’s a patch that was already released. Xbox and PS3 were their priority because consoles have better sales, so now they are working on PC.

maybe you’d chuckle and move on like everyone else who read the comment did if there wasnt a stick up your ass

i should probably clarify for your sake: i dont actually believe there is a physical stick up your ass


Yeah, sorry about that, I only laugh at funny things. If that was remotely “good” then I would’ve at least smiled. Maybe you would’ve read already that I said it’s not funny, and move on like everyone else. By the way, I think you have a stick up your ass.

Yea to be honest I have to agree with mango. The joke made no sense so the joke is a bit retarded.

Everyone is cranky because the PC is getting the patch 2 months late.

> capcom constantly release their pc versions delayed (up to half a year later)
> scghost is a game that eventually got put into indefinite hiatus after being delayed for so long

the joke focuses on capcoms history of lateness, and uses scghost as an extreme parody of said lateness. it doesn’t matter if the software if a patch or a game. you are not supposed to dissect the fine details of the joke. it’s a joke. i’m betting if DNF wasn’t released yet and he used DNF in the joke rather than scghost you both would’ve been toppled over with laughter

stay out of movie theatres and comedy clubs. you two are the types going “OH THAT IS SO FAKE” and “WHITE PEOPLE DON’T REALLY DO THAT”

actually you’re just very thickheaded and didn’t get the joke and now you look stupid. your need to “clarify” between a patch and a full title shows that it was way over your head

2013-ish. We’ll all be dead anyway.