AE 2012 Guy vs Ryu matchup



Alright I can’t seem to find much on this on other then that guy apparently has an unblockable off of back throw. I get destroyed by cr. Mk it has great range and leads to hadoken for chip and space. I know you can punish with U1 but that’s just ONE of the problems and you gotta have ultra to solve it on reaction. Seems like guy can’t do much because of the lack of safe pressure no safe jumps work because of shoryuken and bushin flip is useless because of cr. Mk (any of his jump ins really)

Ryu AE 2012 changes

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Ryu in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Ryu forums: uses posted by iroc:

Some more IROC tech with post gokusaken wakeup games and frame traps:

I’ll update this with any info Monday going to tournament on south padre island this weekend I’ll try to find a good Ryu there


Actually at Max range cr mk xx hadouken is not a blockstring, so yes you can do U1 but you can also do MK tatsu, Focus Dash as well can be possible and you can punish him. St Mk and cr mk have good use against his cr mk in terms of footsie battles and I believe st mp can be used to catch his whiff.

J HK and got hitbox buffs so landing a deep hit is easier now and they will hit cr mk. You basically have to bait ryu into Shoryukens, Empty Safe jumps are safe against him you’ll Block and be able to backdash as well to avoid reversals so use that to your advantage then you’ll be able to use nj attacks every now and then for pressure if you decide to safe jump or you can delay your jump to grab his reversal with AIr Izuna, Just remember if Ryu is going to do a j.hp you’ll have to burn meter to beat him out. Your normals will either lose or trade and I believe Kreymore is working on this specific match up but he has college exams or work something along that lines that’s holding him up.


Mr.BottledChi, if you could copy the information below the line and paste it into the first post, that’d be great. :tup:

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Ryu in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Ryu forums:


mkay ill copy paste streaks stuff and when i come back ill put blooddrunks info in note form thanks for the info thus far guys i really appreciate it!


These are the very first fights I had with Guy on the 2012 version. I think Ryu is a lot stronger now (his cr. MK hell is back) and even though my opponent was no pro (although he didn’t suck either) I had a lot of trouble to beat him.
Hope this helps people who are lost in the matchup.



Guy’s crMk usages against Ryu: CrMk and Normal Throw overall are Guy’s best mix-up tools against Ryu mid-screen IMO. Things I noted: 1. crMk, quick Forward Dash into a quick Ex Bushin Flip, first of all creates an ‘Uncrouchable’. Secondly, it can cacth All Normal Uppercuts and whiff against Ryu’s Ex Uppercut. SRK will whiff whether you cacth it or not from my testing. Thirdly, Ex Bushin Flip can cacth Ryu’s wake up Forward Dash. Note: (does not beat Ryu’s wake up Ultra 2 and crMk). Fourthly, crMk into instant Ex Bushin Flip into Elbow Drop will create a safe bait if your timing is quick enough. 2. If you use crMk and take about a step back, you will create an ambiguous Cross-up situation. Good mix-ups off of this is Low Bushin Flip and Elbow Drop. 3. CrMk, Forward Dash into Neutral Jump Elbow Drop can beat Ryu’s wake up Low SRK and Trade with his Fierce SRK. Note: (these set-ups work any where on screen).


Guy’s crMk usages against Ryu, part 2: Guy can also combo into crMk in a number of ways. The reason you may want to do this is because it will create the perfect cross-up on Ryu’s wake if you time it correctly. Which will create a 50/50 mix-up game. 1. crLp, crLp into crMk - (96 dmg/ 156 stun). 2. A good one for the corner is; Cross-up Mk, crLp into crMk - ( 146 dmg/ 206 stun). 3. Close stMk into crMk - 150 dmg/ 170 stun). 4. Jump-in Fierce, stMk into crMk - (236 dmg/ 356 stun).


I’m playin both Guy and Ryu…and trust me, Ryu owns Guy…this MU is 7-3 for Ryu


mmmm 6-4 imo 7-3 is a bit harsh. As much as i think guy is weak at high levels, i still believe in him. Guy can bait srks in the most crafty ways possible, he has theee DIRTIEST setup after Super combo near the corner that i will be making a vid about soon, and he can shut down with AND he can ultra through xx hadoken reliably if youre good. ive done this multiple times on and offline


Looking forward to that video. Every bit helps.


I wonder if it’s the same one that I use. Most of the time, I don’t know which side I’ll be on. :lol:


Safe Jump Observation: after you land Bushin Flip, if you do an immediate Forward Jump and an instant Back Dash when you land, you will be safe from Ryu’s Normal Uppercuts on his wake. Guy’s Forward Throw, Forward Dash Twice, Forward Jump works the same way, but your only safe from Ryu’s Low and Medium SRK on wake. These are good because they can avoid SRK, FADC on wake. Just don’t abuse them. Maybe when Ryu has meter they’ll be better to use.


well the setup im talking about is super combo near corner, then backdash AND about a pixel or two back, double jab, forward jump MK. so far ive discovered that they cant dash out of it, no reversals, it seems to be an amazing safe jump. NOT even delayed SRK,s that autocorrect beat it so far. im sorry i wont be able to have the video as soon as id like, im going through a few things right now but thats the basic description of the setup, give it a few trys and tweak it and such if youre not getting it right


also xIROCx you are the best. i know all about that safe jump setups i freakin love them. i made this thread a LOOONG time ago, ive been blowing up ryus recently so id like to post vids on all the setups i have for shotos.


Does it beat Viper HP knuckle and Dee Jays up kick, and Hondas shit


well i us it against everyone and it hasnt failed me yet unless of course I screw it up, but ill incluude tests in the vid. so I would say yes blood but i need to test to give you a definite. I mean if it works on 3-frame shoryu it should work in them correct?


DJ and Viper have weird wake up frames, like all of guy’s unblockable get blown up by HP knuckle, and almost all the traditional cross ups wont work as smoothly on DJ or Balrog for that matter as you would land in front of them.


Corner Ex Hozanto Mix-up: 1. Bushin Chain, Ex Hozanto; then immediately hold up-forward into Elbow Drop which should move you in the air a tiny bit. This is good because it beats Ryu’s wake-up Low SRK and the best part is you can continue your combo into another Bushin Chain into the same mix-up or Ultra 1 or what ever. Ryu’s wake-up Medium, Fierce and Ex SRK will win, so be mindful. 2. Immediately after Ex Hozanto as a mix-up you can do an instant Ex Bushin Flip to create an ‘Uncrouchable’ if Ryu techs. This also avoids an immediate wake-up Medium, Fierce and Ex SRK, but loses to Ryu’s Low SRK if Ryu techs. 3. After Ex Hozanto as another mix-up, you can do an instant cross-up Mk to potentially avoid all wake-up SRK. Cross-up Mk will stuff Low SRK and you can also continue your combo. 4. After Elbow Drop if Ryu doesn’t tech, as soon as you land you can input an instant Ex Bushin Flip to create another uncrouchable situation.


Far stMk Frame Trap: Far stMk on block, then immediately do crMp and buffer Ex Hozanto. This can beat out Ryu’s crMk, crHk and stuff all normal SRK’s if it’s tight enough. (Note: naked Fireballs and Ex SRK can win). This can help push Ryu in the corner and discourage him to press buttons.


wow thats great! updated first post