AE 2012 Hooligan Combination setups (anticrouch)



Ok, there are 2 popular setups:

Foward Throw / Medium Hooligan
Cannon Spike / Heavy Hooligan

But thats not all. I found a lot of setups that you can do. Almost any BnB with good damage (Also known as Sako combos) can be Hooligan anticrouch setups.
But most of them you should end with Medium Spiral Arrow instead of Heavy. This will degree your damage, but put you on the right position.
NOTE: some of these combos are character specific, so you should check "AE 2012 Cammy’s optimized combos (Alioune) thread" for more informations about wich character it works.

Here’s an example. A really Cammy’s common BnB with an Anti-backdash Option Select:
c.LK > (buffer Medium Spiral Arrow) c.LP > c.MP xx Medium Spiral Arrow / Medium Hooligan.

I’ll make a video with a lot of combos that can turn into Hooligan Setups. I’m making this video right now.[URL=‘AE 2012 Cammy’s optimized combos (Alioune)’]


Here’s a video with 20 setups.
There are a lot more, be creative:


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Thanks for the video. Most of those look pretty impractical, but the standard cr.lp xx MK arrow setup is really useful, as is the cl.hp xx MK arrow one. Both of those seem like they would probably work on most characters.

I posted this in the comments, but I might as well post it here, too. You probably already know about it, but just in case:
There’s another setup that I’ve been using:
SBF dash forward once into HP Hooligan
SBF is a really situational tool, but if you manage to catch someone throwing fireballs or focus attacks, it’s a nice trick to know. You can even bait out DPs against certain characters with LP hooligan and grab them right out of the air.


Thats a really good info man. Thanks a lot. All setups have ways to get out, the thing about it is don’t be too predictable while doing it. I can tell you. Yesterday I played against Tokido in a FT3. I got him twice, then he started DP’ing me and I had to quit the setups. =P


Ummmmm, in that first video, if he just blocks low on wakeup, don’t you spiral arrow right into him? I mean I wish Cammy had a fast non special cancellable normal so you could OS arrows without a jump in…

Also I always meant to find meaty hooligan setups that let you bait with other strengths of hooligan to make certain reversals whiff… someday maybe.



You can os spiral from meaty crlp.
Crlp (meaty), qcf end the motion with down or down back +lp+hk, then continue block string or combo.

You can os x2 vs short backdashes. Such as shotos.
Crlp (meaty), crlk (os cmk), Stand lp (os hk spiral), crmk xx hk spiral.

If crlp whiff= Crmk xx hk spiral comes out to punish backdash.
Block/hit = crlp, crlk, far lp, crmk xx hk spiral.


I don’t understand how that works? Is it because the second frame of the cr. lp isn’t cancellable? Hitting a frame perfect meaty jab is out of the question for me anyways, I can’t even get my cr.hp/cl. hp meaty every time I mean to.


It works because chains have priority over specials.

Air throw, stmp(whiff), hp hooligan.


solid setups… i never use to use hooligans since i was convinced it was a total ass of a move, like total shit. ima start implementing it more into my game, ive always used that OS on teleport characters or people who are backdash heavy and works perfectly, thanks for dem vids