(AE: 2012) Need a main character!


[FONT=Helvetica] can’t find a main who suites my style, I want a character like Rolento In SFxT, I only have to focus on going into his patriot circle rekkas, so theres no extremely execution heavy combos or situational ones. I have a solid anti air which doesn’t require a motion so it’s very reliable. I also have cheap mix-ups so I can easily dominate a match, I have solid tools for running away, and solid tools for getting in, It’s a real shame he didn’t make the cut in AE: 2012 tbh. Hes a character I can go auto pilot with if I’m up against a lower level player

I use to main Ryu, and then I tried Abel. I only got so far with those 2 characters, I don’t like Ryu, because now everyone knows his shit, and theres too many online. Abel has way to many bad matchups and I can never get his anti-airs down.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks![/FONT]


Give Cody a spin. Great normals, not very execution heavy, some good specials and good rush down. Biggest con: little to no wake up options. Don’t get knocked down.


Lol, I already tried Cody, to be honest I’m not to big on the whole frame trap part of his game which is preety much required, I also don’t really like having to hold his zonk down ect


Based on what you said, I’d recommend Fei Long.


Haha, thats’s funny because I was just checking his guide out actually, but, do you only say that because I mentioned rekkas? Or do you think hell fit the bill?


Why not just play the game and figure out who you enjoy playing? It sounds like you’re looking for a character that is “one size fits all” and there really isn’t one like that.


Dude, I’ve been playing the game since vanilla, I’ve never found a character I enjoy playing


Then probably it’s not the right game for you…


What advice could somebody possible give you that would help despite 4 years of play time? In four years you’ve had time to play every character in the game for some time.


No, I love the game, just because I’m not having lots of success doesn’t mean it’s not the right game for me. There just isn’t a character that I can dominate with to enjoy the game like I can SFxT per say with Rolento, It’s just a shame SFxT is so god damn shit


I haven’t played it for 4 years, one, the game has only been out for 3 years. Two, I stopped playing when super came out and have only really got back into playing around May this year. So I had a lengthy abscent course, where alot of characters were changed drastically ect.


Really…only you know best what’s a good main for you.
You can’t put SFxT Rolento into AE 2012…so just go through the roster.


Some of the stuff you mentioned could apply to a lot of the cast, but overall it seemed like you were looking for a character with a very straightforward yet powerful style. He fits that bill.


I have been going through the roster, but with no luck yet…I guess I’ll try Fei Long and see whats happens


Yeah, I agree, I’ll definatley hit the lab tomorrow and try him out


use yang.

lp, lp, lp, c.mk, slashes is very close to sfxt rolento.

hes small, hard to hit, has a lot of evasive/defensive moves so he can run like rolento.

also, yang he doesnt to much damage like him.


OP I felt the same way you did. In Vanilla/(Early)Super I used Fuerte but his low hp and low damage made me drop him. I started to bounce around characters hoping to find a good fit for myself.

Try using Balrog. His BnB is quite easy to do, and he has good AA options.


I swear Yang is preety garbage though?

Not really too big on charge characters =/


he does below average damage but how is he garbage?

a lot of his matchups are 50/50. the only match he loses really badly is vs zangief.


Hmm, he got alot of nerfs, I know tiers don’t really matter, but he is bottom tier now for a reason.