AE 2012 Patch Changes/Predictions


• Each Rolling Attack (Beast Roll) gets an extra 10 in damage, so Light Punch 110, Medium Punch 120, Hard Punch 130, EX 120.

• For Hard Punch and EX Ball, if it hits on the second frame (same frame where Focus Attack cancel is possible), it causes a knock down(blow back). Will be easier to follow-up EX Ball with additional hits if Focus Attack Dash Cancelled.

• Charged Rock Crusher gives Blanka a +5 frame advantage, so he can do Rock Crusher, c.MK, Hard Punch Rolling Attack as a combo.

Will make edit this post when there’s actual real legit news

  1. here’s my predictions:

Nothing is gonna get changed for Blanka…
simply because nobody except troll Ono likes him… and we should be thankful he doesn’t get nerfed because of that.

  1. here’s what I want to get changed that is in REASONABLE scope meaning (despite i still think nothing is gonna get changed for Blanka)
    a. no new moves
    b. upball/blanka ball on hit will remain punishable by certain characters
    c. still weak in combo overall… unless it’s an extremely difficult link combo with an extremely nasty risk if fail (like c.MK -> U1… you fail the link… you die.)

I honestly don’t see Capcom IF they are planning to change anything (which i HIGHLY DOUBT) will touch the above… because those stuff kinda defines Blanka more or less

with all that said… i wish to have (no particular order)

  1. rock crusher only has one version and it’s the fast overhead version.
  2. EX electricity with invincibility frames will make me cry with joy
  3. c.LK chainable… it’s already not that good with the way it is… chainable will at least make it easier to do hit confirm combos without doing multiple 1FS
  4. better throw range
  5. faster cl s.LP or c.LP
  6. FADC slide =D
  7. ball actually leaves ground on frame 1 so i don’t get thrown out.
  8. better FA properties somehow…
  9. hop is faster somehow making it possible to have some sort of frame trap on hit after cancelling into hop… or can give what they did to dudley and give him maybe a ex hop =P… ex hop can maybe either have some sort of invincibility or got some special ‘fast recovery’ thing or maybe allows for special combos that doesn’t exist before
  10. U2 air activates faster and actually can hit people standing next to him (electricity range is fine not asking much), better invincibility… like make it possible for me to use it against those who tries to dragon punch me consistently… right now it can work either way but usually Blanka lose.

that’s it for now.


Wishlist (without going overboard)

  1. Rockcrusher overhead only and actually is able to combo against certain crouching opponents, or forces stand, or something…because not being able to combo off overhead unless they are standing makes no sense.

  2. EX up ball needs to be safe on hit some way or another…how they do this I don’t really care, and I can live with it still being unsafe point blank in corner, or against someone like Rog…but as it is it’s kind of ridiculous.

  3. chainable would seriously be amazing, I would LOVE this to no end…for some reason my fingers have a lot of trouble plinking this (as it’s vertical instead of horizontal, I guess), so a chain would be awesome…I mean is there any other character who has absolutely no chains? I suppose Dhalsim…

  4. Slight damage boost to U2 anti-ground, maybe balance it with slight nerf to U1? I dunno I just feel like U1 is too dominantly better of a choice as it is now, save for a few matchups.

  5. Bring back the old hop PLEASE.

Other than that I am fine, I don’t think these changes would really make Blanka too strong, he’d probably still be around mid-tier to be honest (depending on what everyone else gets, that is).

By the way, I was thinking about this earlier today…

Blanka and Fuerte are the only characters I can think of who, despite not being good, have really received nothing but nerfs overall (some buffs but overall made worse) throughout both updates. Discuss.

  1. Rockcrusher always overhead and can be linked into with st.lp on all cast. Startup in 15-17 frames equal to Guile or Ryu.
    [S]2. Startup 3. Active 3. Recover 5. +4 on Block. +7 on hit. Chainable.[/S] Pcp Blanka.
  2. Startup 3. Active 3. Recover 6. +1 on Block. +4 on hit. e.g. 2FR
  3. Ex upball results in a knockdown.
  4. Less initial grounded frames in hop.

Dreamland buffs:

  1. Startup 4 frames.
  2. ->Cr.hp target combo that launches/juggles anti-air.
  3. Amazon River Run is feintable. Startup can be canceled with 2p.
  4. World peace.

Was Jimmy really raised in a wild and dangerous jungle or was it more of a dosile game-reserve / animal sanctuary / wildlife retirement home type place?

Blanka received some buffs.

From vanilla to super, hop became faster.
from super to AE, slide became more usable.
From super to AE, EX elec went from 8 frames to 5.

As far as real changes, I dont think anything will happen, as Lau said.
Only real change that would make much of a diff is for upball to knockdown on hit. Maybe allow only EX upball to do that, would be good enough.

If you look at the evo results, not one single charge char made it into the top 25!
I hope capcom recognized it!
okay there are only 8,5 chargers out of 39 chars but all of them seem to be not competative anymore!
something has to be done!

okay, buffs i’d like to see:

all upballs FADC-able! hori-balls FADC-able FULLSCREEN! at least the distance that bison scissors are FADC-able! if the stupid bounce back does not allow the ball to be safe, even on hit, than make it at least fadc-able! losing 2 meter would be hard enough!

all balls have the same speed (like EX-Ball)

EX-upball knocks down

EX-elec invinceable startup and bigger hibox
as LAU said, this buff alone would make me send Ono a love-letter

Ball-FADC with enough +frames to link a cr.LK
thats not really important, but I’d like to see jimmy doing some stylish combos

old SSF4 hop

Slide FADC-able, like dic’s

overhead linkable into cr.LK

cr.LK 1 frame shorter recovery

U2 both versions WAY better startup and AA better hitbox
AA version is totally useless now!

**I think all of these buffs would make Blanka totally broken, but at least one or two of them would be nice! **

This would make them throwable on frame 1.

They really should make it safe on hit or make ex elec invincible though. Even invincibility that didn’t get to the first active frame for ex elec would really help it.

giving him the best in the game is surely not going to happen. You have no idea how broken this would be. Stop saying dumb things.

Except super Blanka is a better character than vanilla Blanka. The hop buff is pretty much what created a lot of the setups that are good now. It turned him from a gimmick 50/50 ultra character into a real character with reliable meaty/safejump/option selects.

The lp ball change was great as well. Its quick recovery and low range allows it to be a great full screen tool, it’s also way better for safeballs.

I can’t really think of what changes would be good now. I don’t want super balls back though, I agree they were bad design. Having a real reversal and U2 AA work correctly would be nice though.

  • Upball knockdown
  • Hori Ball safe on hit
  • Better OH
  • Chainable cr. lk
  • A 2 hit normal
  • Close st. mk considered airborne

Blanka has multiple 2 hit normals, and st.jab xx hop/electricity are great anti focus tools already.

@Ves… so I called out Rogs cr.lp stats. Hardly dumb things. Currently I can kick faster than Blanka, and link into my own particularly nasty U1. I’ll show you if you keep up the dissing.

I know +7 would be stupid. Scratch that. Give me your stats. :wink:

jabs and cr.shorts have different functionality mostly because cr.shorts hit LOW.

yeah Darachnid I read that and I was like “Wow way to just go overboard”

Veserius what do you think of my list? I think that is a reasonable amount of buffs without going too far.

and I forgot his hop was buffed from vanilla to super, nevermind lol

also, re: slide being fadcable

that is unreasonable imo, it has way faster startup than Bison’s and goes under fireballs, Bison’s does not…just don’t use slide like a mindless idiot and you’re fine, it’s already a great move even with its nerfs in AE.

Edited for realisim. Sorry.

I would love a mp->hp target combo anti-air that launches into juggle state.
Like the primeval feral retaliation characteristic of something wild.
E.g. when you go to pet a cat that you think is friendly, but it isn’t., cr.hp… Upball., cr.hp… reset., cr.hp…dash under, st.lp xx hp elec.


haha, most of my wishlist is a little over the top!
I was just dreamin of a triple S Blanka, because…let’s face it…jimmy won’t get shit!
the last AE blanka changes were ridiculous! ball nerf, hop nerf and some changes, that didnt really make any sense (“overhead”, slide)!
damn, people are still argueing about slide changes being a nerf or a buff…
and I still dont know what the overhead changes really do…
EX elec is still a waste of meter IMO

so please, let me be in my dream world!

I wanna add:
cr.MK xx Hop being frame neutral on block! …ahh fuck it! wanna have LP jabs and shorts xx Hop frame neutral on block, too!

and some usefull properties on far st.MK!
this move seems to be completely useless, or did I miss

Far It’s brilliant! -4 on hit?
Looks like a dog burying a shit?
What more could you want?

YOU Mr Darachnid, just made my day! LMAO!!!11!!1

All pretty standard stuff.

U2 actually does good damage believe it or not, but it is proximity based, max range you don’t get all of the damage. decreasing the startup or changing the motion would actually do more for it because you’d be able to hit fireballs with it much easier from close proximity.

chain stuff, lots of characters have no chains, sagat for instance, the thing is that most characters with no/limited chains don’t have so many 1 or 2 frame links especially for stuff so simple.

I think your list of stuff would make blanka better, but it wouldn’t make him a real threat. He’d basically be the same character and none of his matchups would really change.

The worse weakness of Blanka is the Rolling Attack unsafe on hit, i hop they think about it in the next version, for me, it’s really dumb to get punished by a lot of ultras, supers, specials, normals in the game when you hit.

I mean, this move is really important for Blanka, and he really need a ending combo move SAFE damn…

If they think and do something about that, i will be very happy.

And i think perhaps, Blanka need less recovery on certain normals like his crouch hp.

Then, i don’t see what Blanka should receive in the next rebalance honestly.

Upball Ex make a KD ? Invincibilty on Ex Electricty ? No… to be realistic, things like that are dumb, it’s just broken.

Maybe, a real ovehead for me to more offensive tools.

Vanilla to Super, the character received some buffs like a better crouch hp and a hop forward more safe, and better distances for rolling attack, i was really enjoy the Blanka in the Super, but in AE, he received some buffs really useless, elec ex more fast is a real absurdity for example…

IMO, they will don’t forget Blanka, but don’t wait for a lot of buffs or something big… xD

Blanka will stay the same, or maybe worse.

me being a dudley main i can tell you this, Blanka should have a escape rainbow ball ex version though, his nerfs stay but the only buffs he’ll get is the escape route and able to knock down untechable.

If they did that, it’d be perfect.

On hit the blanka balls should be 100% safe on hit and weak ball should be back to regular version of ssf4 but medium is between ssf4 and AE version of ball and Heavy version is AE version.

I say just improve his specials. His pokes are pretty good already, I think they should do something with cr.hp for blanka like a recovery buff/speed nerf or the other way around. If his dashes were nerfed i’m not sure if they were but they should be returned back to ssf4 or which ever version he had a better dash in.

Yep that’s it for him

Rainbow ball escape is useless against long range meaty jabs on wakeup.