AE 2012 post HP Criminal Upper quick rise timings



If any of you have read my other thread regarding the manual safe jump after HP Criminal Upper on quick risers, I have found that all characters quick rise at different timings after being hit by the HP Criminal Upper. Some even have the ability to delay their quick rise. This quick/late rise isn’t a general thing and seems exclusive to Cody’s HP Criminal Upper.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

If you go into training mode, select Cody as the opponent and Ken as your character, and then record a 4 frame safe jump on his MP Shoryuken (Verify using the HP shoryuken, If the HP shoryuken can punish the safe jump and the MP can’t then you got it), this 4f safe jump will work on:

Ken, Yun, Dudley

Additionally, these character’s can choose to delay their quick rise by pressing down or any two button’s a split second late after hitting the ground, which will make your attack whiff.

Fei Long(5f reversal), Guy(4f reversal) and Guile(4f EX reversal) seem to quick rise faster than usual and are able to punish this safe jump. You have to jump 1 frame sooner to safe jump them.

Sagat, Cammy and Blanka on the other hand, seem to wake up 1 frame slower. The Ken 4f safe jump will completely whiff on them. You need to delay your safe jump by 1/2 more frame to safe jump them.

Seth and Zangief seem to quick rise extremely slow. What works as a 7f safe jump on Yun’s HK up kick’s, works as a 4/5 frame safe jump on these characters. Anything sooner than that and your attack will whiff.

Feel free to verify/clarify any of this info. I will add more information after further testing on other characters.


It’s kind of well known actually. That old cody video made by ryan hunter mentions this.

I never bothered with finding specific setups after criminal upper because, as you said, they can alter the timing or not quick rise at all and there’s also the different ranges depending on what combo you do beforehand.

Sagat and cammy do have different wakeup timings than the rest of the cast (for every knockdown).


You’re right it was well known. But the thing is, before version 2012, these were the known characters that woke up earlier:

[media=youtube]NFHOKfMQjrg[/media] (other characters listed in description of video)

Rest of the cast was a slight step delay. Now it would seem that list has changed. You can no longer auto safe jump anyone.

And I usually OS a crouch tech with a crouch Fierce upon landing in case the opponent tries to do a delayed quick rise throw.

P.S. would you happen to have a link to the ryan hunter video you speak of?




I’m almost sure it still works vs fei, it’s just that the ones i play against don’t quick rise anymore so i might be wrong. I know i had issues with the timing depending on the combo beforehand, but the closer combos (, etc and cl.hp, etc) always worked as far as i can remember.


It still works against Fei but it’s no longer an auto safe jump, you have to delay it by a frame or so.

And thanks.


Just found this out now: Right after an HP Criminal Upper, on an opponent who doesn’t quick rise, if you jump forward > dash once > neutral jump HP immediately, it is a 4frame safe jump. Just in case you hadn’t already found this yourself yet :wink:


Hey, strangely enough, your safe jump setup doesn’t work on all characters. It doesn’t work on Dee Jay for example and some other characters (Cammy is one of them I believe, I checked that ages ago, just forgot to comment upon it in this thread).


Does anyone know who else besides honda, chun, and adon that can be auto safe jumped from a HP CU in 2012?