AE 2013 Ryu Change List Suggestion

We all need to go here and bombard Capcom on what we think needs to be changed. The more consistency in what we all want the higher chance they’ll implement it.

Two things off the top of my head are:

  1. Forward Fierce needs a faster start-up and should be able to focus backdash after the first hit.
  2. Close Roundhouse on hit needs to be able to link sweep on every character.

I only desire one change in Ryu. One teensy change is all that I ask.
When you win the final round with Ryu’s U2, the opponent does not come down.

Luken, how would they manage that change without giving Ryu a Close Roundhouse - Cr. Fierce on every character?
Would it have insane pushback?

My first wish is that they ignore the CU forums.

far Let this move be +5 on counter-hit. Alternatively, remove the lower hurtbox so that it can be used to punish crouch techs and errant low pokes (don’t buff the frontal hit/hurtbox in this case). Either of these changes will make it a good footsie tool. Currently it doesn’t have much use.

close Increase the active frames by one, reduce the recovery, and increase the frame advantage on hit to +4. The pushback can be high enough to prevent followups, but it will make it easier to hit-confirm and link into super. It’s already possible in this version but it’s very hard because of the deceptively long recovery. This will give him a tool reminiscent of 3rd Strike’s hit-confirms into super.

SPS: I would love this to be buffed so that on CH (eg. beating a FA) you could link into U2, but as it is right now it would also allow a link into close, which maybe a bit too strong. Still, it wouldn’t break him and it would only be possible on CH, and it would give people more incentive to use U2.

Ultra 2: Fix it so that it does more damage on counter-hit. Currently it doesn’t receive a counter-hit damage bonus.

EX DP: Allow it to juggle into air EX Tatsu after the second hit is FADC’d (possible Ultra followup). It would only do 360 damage without corner Ultra followup at best and it would cost 4 meters, so it’s not something that would be used often, but at least he’d have a new mildy interesting combo option.

EX Tatsu (air): It should be changed so that if one hit lands, the rest are guaranteed. At the moment, if you try to bait a defense throw after a jump in use Air EX Tatsu, sometimes the first hit will knock the opponent away completely for minimal damage. Also, the counter-hit damage should be adjusted to 250, which is more-or-less in line with other moves in the game. Currently it only gets 10 extra damage on counter-hit which doesn’t really make sense.


Remove all his unblockables (and everyone else’s)

make his shin shoryuken more damage or something. Also fix the fact that it still does not do more damage on counter hit. How the fuck did they not fix that yet. Other moves obviously do it, why does it not? Oh also give him a new sprite so he doenst fucking look like a monkey… Make him look like sf2 ryu… but alas I know thats to much to ask for.

Make reversal dp punish dive kick pressure.
Make u2 connect better after dp fadc, and if dp is ch, give full animation like kens u1.
I agree with st. Mk +5 on CH.
And i think ryu needs a buff on back dash.

Pls no joudan kick. This move will destroy the game. Remove all unblockables for it destroyed the game.

i kinda miss the super trap.

move Ryu’s center a bit forward on the, thats gonna improve his xx hadoken blockstring and will allow him to perform combos finished with xx hk tatsu against some chars he currently cant. And it wont change anything else, so its better than to increase the blockstun or the hadoken’s startup.

They could to add a fake hadoken instead the previous suggestion.

Change MP and HP dp’s damage to 130 and 160 when Ryu is airborn. Thats gonna help against many of his weak matchups.

Improve his meter gain by 15%


Ryu have many problems that wouldnt get solved by the changes I suggested but I think such problems shall be solved changing the other character instead of changing Ryu.

they could to find an utility to the U2 or to remove it from the game so we wont pick it by mistake.

FFS Stop asking for the Joudan Kick

make cr. hp, juggle on anti-air counter hit
sps does 120 damage or increase the frames to allow st. fp connect
give an extra frame to far st.fp on hit
U2 needs to do more damage, atleast 50 more.
cst. hk, sweep should hit all chars.

remove unbloackables.

I forgot to mention that they should increase the hitbox of far st.hp downwards so that it hits more crouching opponents in crouch tech situations. Also, far st.hp, super should work on everyone.

I know it’s late but here goes

-I really liked the counter hit being -5 this will make him so much better
-Make his fireball speeds more distinct
-Faster backwalkspeed, currently it’s too slow to make some normals whiffs and this will increase his whiff punishing game a lot

-Make lp dp on block and whiff have much longer recovery
-make all dps 4 frame start up but only if they apply this change to all other 3 frame specials including oni
I can’t really think of any other nerfs his lp dp is the only bs I can think of.

The hitbox is already huge overall and nicely disjointed. I’d understand, but fierce? Why?

There are lots of crouch techs that go underneath it. Besides an anti-air, I use this to punish crouch tech. Combos into sweep on counter-hit. On chars that it doesn’t work on, I switch to, but that doesn’t combo into sweep on counter-hit, hence my change request for both moves.

The hitbox for far st.hp is high up, higher than far Far has a better frontal hitbox because of how far back the hurtbox is. Far st.hp is the better anti-air.

EDIT: On second thought if they just make far combo into sweep they can keep far st.hp as it is. Although, combo into super should still work on everyone.

Jesus christ that CU thread is fucking atrocious.

“JOUDAN KICK” for 46 pages. I don’t even regret being late for that bullshit. fuck off what would it even do that lk tatsu doesn’t

IMO here’s what you fix:
cr MK hitbox goes to the end of his foot. fix the animation so he extends his leg less or extend the hitbox, none of this “toes going over the opponent” bullshit, the move should do what it looks like it should do.

fierce DP has extra active frame of invincibility or taller hitbox. boxer can jump in for like, free with the down punch (rh?) shouldn’t be able to jump in for free vs a shoto. i don’t care if it doesn’t lead to FADC U1 just make it a bad idea for people to jump at standing ryu in general. (this is a geometry issue not a skill issue. i swear i’m gonna strangle the locals that say i’m not doing autocorrect dp late enough when i complain about being forced to block senseless jump ins or risk st lk for 30 damage in the face of 400)

Things I would really like:
forward+HP has longer stun or does more damage than st.FP. either its utility is in poking through focus attacks or it’s in starting a big punish. the crappy startup on it is fine but then you’re in their face with the stupid rock paper scissors game of +0 which is pretty much a load of dump. technically you don’t even have the advantage because the opponent has a wider input window than you do.

possible return of air tatsu escape? it’s not like dumber characters can’t do it.

Whatever stuff:
I dunno fuck with his sweep or air EX tatsu. I dunno how, saw a suggestion to make it slower but safe that might be cool. Bit more damage on EX tatsu would be nice for the bar expenditure.
enough advantage on overhead to reliably combo out of it would be cool but not terribly necessary. (you can eat like 10 in a row without a problem)

System stuff:
Seriously fucking reduce the reversal window. If I’m late on a DP vs a light jump in and get bonked, I fly into the fucking sky and get bonked again.

edit: Ultra 2 should be 2xQCF PPP not KKK.

Can boxer really jump in for free if you use hp.dp? I think its just the 4fr invinc

Boxer cannot jump for free. Late DP stuffs all his jump ins.

Although I can’t request anything now,

Faster Walkspeed
More invincibility on fierce dragon punch
Fake Fireball Option?
More utility on U2