AE 2013 Yang wishlist

Seems like most char forums have one of these. Thought I’d make one for Yang.

My list: reduction to 4 frames (3 would be ideal)
Damage increase on rekka’s back to AE hit box
EX. command grab throw invincible

Yang is a very fun character to play, However if Ono is seriously considering an update I will list some things I would LOVE in addition to what he has to offer already:
I have been reading some of the other forums in character subsections so I would like to clarify something. The first 3 changes are what I would consider to be my most important. The ones following I believe would increase Yangs effectiveness and viability, however please consider the top 3 most of all.

  • returned to AE status. I believe when this was nerfed they weren’t exactly sure what the ‘problem’ was. Mostly because he was fairly underrepresented in comparison to his brother. However I do not believe this was something that was a problem, but rather an important normal that filled a much needed space in his game. With this tool returned to 3f it will once again be incredibly useful.

  • returned to AE status. Yang would love a reliable crossup. He screams for one. Yun has that sick divekick, sometimes I can’t block the damn thing at all. If you gave Yang a reliable cross-up back, I bet my xx.xx > > reset mixup would double in effectiveness immediately, while still being balanced in the fact that landing a typically requires 2 bars of meter in the most common scenario. Sometimes I do land c.lp > s.lp > but I would say not nearly as often.

  • Increase Damage and Stun output on all versions of Torou Zan (Rekkas). Once I have both of the previous tools stated back, I know my ability to play slightly more aggro will open up. This is what I believe would be a good change in Yangs overall gameplan. Right now I can land my BnBs pretty often, and if the rekkas did more damage at the end of a combo plus a reliable crossup, people would respect getting hit by Yang over and over, Thus causing them to play more cautious. I would like to hear if anyone thinks this is a good point and if so what Damage/Stun values they might consider fair/balanced/Good.

+Less Important, but definitely dreamlist stuff:

  • return throw invincibility to the command grab. It really allows for Yang to become a scary stun causing-character because sometimes your opponent just can’t guess right. Sound farmiliar? Hmm… I think this would be an excellent change and very bold, Capcom showing it wants to breath life into some underused chars.

+Buff the damage of non-cinematic U2. Doesn’t have to be by too much. Maybe 30.

  • c.lp back to 80 Damage

  • hitbox reverted

The divekick could be better but…Honestly, I’m used to it lol. I use it when I know it’s probably a good idea. Y’know that whole experience thing.

His cross up would be a great thing to bring back. And as Meccaz said, more invincibility on his command throw. And damage increase on rekkas would be nice :slight_smile:

I’ve only started playing Yang in the past two months so I have I may have a different opinion on what type of character he is/should be than somebody who played him in his glory days. To me, Yang is a low damage but consistent character, he’s a pest that bothers most of the cast with safe blockstrings and slashes. He’s also hard to lockdown too due to a standard DP, good backdash, and atypical ex-dash. He excels at mid-range game and closer thanks to his crouching medium kick/light kick into slashes hit confirms, not to mention the occasional divekick.

Jumping Medium Kick:
I like that you can’t do random cross-ups with him, when he’s in the medium range he’s trying to beat out pokes and a cross-up would be a nice thing to have but I feel it kind of misses the point of the character. I would, however, like it if the hitbox for was improved in a way where I could cross-up more consistently/easier after the forward throw -> dash forward -> set-up and whatnot, as currently I have an extremely hard time getting the timing right to make it not whiff skewing the risk reward for me personally.

Standing Light Kick:
As a 3/4 frame normal back would as I believe it would be a great buff because it feels like it has no purpose right now, crouching medium kick is only 1 frame slower than it, has better range, and does more damage, so I might as well be using that for footsies. At 3/4 frames this move would be more useful for reactions in footsies, the sacrifice in range and potential damage compared to crouching medium kick would be offput by the speed and thus Yang is even better punishing faster things at the middle ranges.

Medium Kick Kaihou(command dash):
This is kind of a random desire, but faster recovery on the medium kick dash/teleport, it’s supposed to be some some sort of surprise/input mess-up move on the enemies wake-up right? Because I don’t really see it as an escape move or having any practical purpose, but I would love to throw some cross-ups at people akin to Abel’s roll shenanigans.

Damage increase is always appreciated by any character, but it’s not something I would put above any sort of buff of utility, especially for Yang because his low damage was somehow one of his appealing character attributes to me.

I agree with Kingbrozen if I take overall game balance in consideration.
His crossup mk was retardedly good, especially if you consider what kind of a character he is. Great pressure + a really ambigous crossup is too much imo.
And if you have the right setups, it’s not even that hard to land his in it’s current state (we’re playing Super Setup Fighter 4 after all).

My list:

-3 frame

-Better divekick, preferably AE status. Even though I got used to his current divekick, it’s still a pathetic divekick.

-AE (Ex)Command grab.

St. lk 4 or 3 frames
jump mk Hitbox return to AE
Remove the 2 frames landing dive kick 5 or 4 frames startup
Ex Command Grab Throw inv

non-trolling changes I’d like to see done to Yang:

cst.LK, fst.LK - start up reduced to 3f.
cr.LK - hurt box nerf undone. Frame advantage on hit increased to +5. Damage still set to 20.
fst.MP - hit and hurt box returned to AE status. Frame advantage on hit reduced to +1.
cr.MP - damage increased to 70 during Super.
fst.HP - recovery reduced to 16f. Active frames reduced to 3. Frame data adjusted accordingly to remain -4 on block and +1 on hit.
Dive kick - 2f nerf and additional hurt box undone. Stun still set to 50.
TC2 - Damage returned to 150. Frame data and pushback nerfs remain.
TC3 - Opponent is knocked down significantly closer to Yang on hit. Can now be performed from fst.LK. Frame advantage on block reduced to -6.
LK, MK, EX Senkyutai - hurt box nerf undone. Frame advantage on FADC, dash forward increased to -1.
HK Senkyutai - Projectile invincibility nerf undone. Frame advantage on FADC, dash forward still -4. Hurt box still nerfed.
MP, HP Byakko Soshoda - Active frames increased to 12f.
LP Tourouzan (2nd hit) - frame advantage on block increased to -4.
MP Tourouzan (2nd, 3rd hit) - meter gain increased to 30 on second hit, 60 on third hit. No change to meter gained on block.
HP Tourouzan (2nd, 3rd hit) - damage increased to 65 on second hit, 70 on third hit. No change to chip damage on block.
EX Tourouzan (1st hit) - frame advantage on block increased to +2.
EX Tourouzan (2nd hit) - frame advantage on block increased to 0.
EX Tourouzan (3rd hit) - frame advantage on block increased to -5.
Command Throw - Range increased to 1.10. Still the same speed.
EX Throw - Throw invincibility restored. Range decreased to 0.96. Still the same speed.
Super - 1 second returned to length. Chip damage still set to 1/8th normal damage.

Stuff I don’t want to see:
j.MK cross up - This is retarded. He shouldn’t have it. Yang is not Yun, Seth, Abel, Rufus, or whoever else.
Any other damage/stun buffs - Doesn’t need them (and shouldn’t get them) if he has these changes.
U2 start up returned to AE - Just because you didn’t see it much doesn’t make MP Palm FADC U2 any less retarded. :frowning:

Health, stun to 1000
More dmg on rekkas (or just overall dmg buff)

Either one or the other and I’m happy to be honest
Please don’t give jump mk back, imagine the backlash. AE jump mk (though it pains my heart to say), was too good

Yeah like Yun uses his j.MK to cross up lol, though most of buffs on that list dont really do anything for him besides the cr lk and st lk, i want 3 frame cr lp instead lol.

But i do agree people wanting AE crossup is stupid i want it buffed enough that he is able to cross up on rose, since he cant cross her up atm however capcom could increase her hurtbox instead.

His dive kick doesnt really need changing it does what it suppose to do most ill say -1frame of the nerf he got and that’s all.

Yangs damage is fine he already out damages most of the cast in the game.

And you are correcting my suggestions? Seriously? How about you suggest something original you think would be good instead of just attempting to crap on other suggestions

People want his cross-up back since his dive-kick was nerfed so badly. I’d be fine if they gave him a better divekick or the cross-up, but he needs something.

He out damages most of the cast? How? He has like the lowest bnb damage next to Bison and Rose.

Just posted my wanted changes on the Rebalance request thread. I don’t want the cross-up mk because it would turn Yang into a vortex-character. I mean why would you combo into anything else than his rollkicks then?

His divekick is good enough for me because it’s still great in footsies. Maybe it could have less recovery on whiff so it could be better used in mix-ups.

The one buff I would like is making Yang’s overhead +3 or +4 on hit. It would give Yang an excellent high-low mix-up game without making him too strong and it would make Yang certainly different from the whole cast.

One thing I wouldn’t change is his stun output. It’s pretty damn good already and buffing that would be too much. His damage is debatable as well. He already has ways of optimizing his damage that do make his damage output average or above average and when you get your opponent to the corner his damage skyrockets.

Also buffing his far fierce would be good for the Gief match-up. 16 frame recovery, 8 frame start-up and cutting maybe one active frame would stop it from being too good.

Give him back everything they took away. The end.

Hell no. His super was broken, the palms were just straight up dumb and his divekick or cross-up mk mix-up was too good.

I’ve not been playing Yang for very long and I didn’t play him in Vanilla AE but here’s what I’d like to see him get. A straight up 10/15% damage increase across the board. This might be the inexperience talking here but I feel he does so little damage for the amount of work you put in during a match.

I’d like to see his be a little more lenient, I heard it was straight up retarded in Vanilla AE but and i wouldn’t want it to be like that again. Just make it a little easier to use is all I ask.

I’d like to see his overhead be +2 on hit and +0 on block to make it scary enough for the other player to have to guess what’s coming. It always feels like my opponent isn’t afraid of the mix up after it lands.

I’d like a buff on his divekick too, maybe revert it back to vanilla AE? Again that could be my inexperience with the character talking here.

Other than those changes a few personal buffs I’d like are: Making U1 and U2 easier to connect after Rekka FADC, Rekka being slightly safer on block (-1 and -4 for his lp. Rekka’s one and two). Lastly! A special cancel-able TC would be nice.

That’s all I’ve got, please don’t burn me alive xD

[EDIT] - PS. If anyone here plays on PC and has a decent connection to the UK, please consider adding me and beating me up in a Yang mirror until I learnt how to actually play him lol

I like the idea of making his overhead a more offensive tool. This sounds like it could be awesome. Even if the was made only slightly better (crosses the whole cast up reliably after all these common set-ups in 2012: grab>dash>wait(depends on character size)>, combos ending in rekkas, and *perhaps *combos ending in mk.rollkicks) then I would still feel very set as even though most of my time will be spent attacking my enemy from the front, a regrettably obvious tactic that Yang finds himself using to maintain pressure often, I will have a sick H/L mixup. I would love to have it be at +4!! that means linking it into s.lp would possible through a 1 frame link correct? That certaintly would be a unique and fun addition! not to mention useful. if this ended up being pretty good and not many other big changes were needed, I would also want the overheads startup to maybe be buffed to down to 19 frames.

As for footsies with gief, that’s one of the reasons I suggest to revert, the better our normals are overall will help even if just bit by bit in that tough matchup. I would add to your suggestion maybe the hurtbox of his fst.hp could be pushed back slightly. for example, something like this:

Yang Change


I would love a frame advantage overhead on hit, maybe even just +1/2 because right now, when I overhead characters I’m forced to do the grab due to the 0 frame advantage.
Being able to combo out of it just sounds bonkers to me, even with the below average damage Yang does I can just imagine so much damage caused by it per match…

Funnily enough you can already combo out of his overhead if you do it meaty on the last active frame, good luck ever pulling that off in a match though.

I say that if Yang keeps his divekick the way it is, and his only gets a little better, it really isn’t that crazy. Plenty of characters in this game utilize effective high/low mixups in their own way, whether it be through use of specials(that act as an overhead or a low attack, or can be cancelled into some other type of attack) or a normal overhead. However this buff should never be coupled with an ex.command grab that has throw invincibility, THAT is what I would say crosses the threshold of ‘ridiculous’ in a game that admittedly has powerful tools.

That being said, a few other buffs plus an overhead at +1 on hit, -1 on block would also be pretty fantastic :slight_smile: -1 on block would make it another tool against grapplers that Yang would like to have.


Challenge accepted

How about a huge damage buff to EX slashes? It’d probably be difficult to get it right because of how damage scaling works, but if they managed it it could quite elegantly solve the problem of how to make Yang do real damage without directly buffing his already-powerful safe pressure. Random fishing with still wouldn’t lead to much unless you were willing to waste a bar on a guess, but it’d up the damage of his bnbs while also giving Yang players another viable use for meter.

I’m also still a big fan of returning the EX command grab throw invincibility and slightly buffing one of his pokes to interact better with Zangief’s

I’d also like to see an extra frame of advantage on MP palm FADC on hit, though that’s assuming we don’t get damage buffs on a lot of other moves.

Or, and this will doubtless be unpopular, an extra frame of advantage on the command grab. Granted, this would immediately lead to an influx of crappy players that just want to be able to command throw > U1 (and the damage scaling would probably have to be altered), but he can already command throw > U1, it’s just prohibitively difficult online for whatever reason. Yang’s command throw is really difficult to land - it has next to no range, is pretty slow and doesn’t generally interact well with the rest of his move set, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be a bit easier to get some damage off of it.