AE Abel, EX Roll

Is it true that it has actual Delay at the end of it now?

Like now i can use Rolling thunder to catch Backdash/EX Grab/EX Roll?

hmm… i’ll write this down, and test it out when i have the chance.

i believe he’s hittable earlier now

i cant say im 100% sure but so far it does feels like ex roll is the same, full hit invi from the first frame till the end…

id check with my frame data guide but my copy is not with me at the moment…

ok just thought id update with confirmation, ex roll is hit invi from start till finish, same as usual.

nope, he’s hittable near the end now.
no more jump grab option selects being beaten by backdash EX grabs

straight rolling thundering fools now.

so free

I’m guessing if its the same you hit him at the right time.

so is he vulnerable or not?

Yes near the end of his roll he has recovery.
Meaning you can now option select Abel with ultras for free.

Cammy ultra 1, Makoto ultra 2 Dudley ultra 1
The list goes on

so free

dudley = so free

oh noes my character is free because somebody can try and OS ultra a move that has 1 frame of recovery oh gaaawwwwd

lmao @ rolling thunder vs. abel

The EX version of roll has strike vulnerability at the end? I know the regular versions do, but I haven’t heard anything about EX being hittable. I think that would be unreasonable.

In super, from that frame data videos i’ve seen, when abel stands up out of rolling hes vulnerable.

Frame info comes from super iirc

EX Roll from super iirc vvvv

I got a vid i put together comparing Super Abel/AE Abel with roll only and even for me its hard to tell what they changed until we see the in game frame data itself.

its common knowledge for most abel that he is vulnerable near the end of all his rolls, except the ex.

this thread is about whether ex roll is also vulnerable now near the end. you dont need frame data, just use training mode and test it.

i would but japan psn store is still down, not sure till when.

so yeah, from what ive tested ex roll is the same, fully invi till the end.


oops… I tested this awhile ago and I think I accidentally posted it somewhere else…

Abel can ex roll INTO chun’s ultra 2 and Rufus’s Ultra 1 and manage to block right after his roll.