AE Akuma Combo Question



Hey guys! Quick question.

I just updated to AE, and with Akuma I can’t seem to do the far roundhouse > LP > short tatsu combo anymore (as seen in this video: Is this not possible anymore in AE or am I crazy? I looked in other threads but couldn’t find an answer to this.




FAQ thread is there for a reason dude. And I think it’s just you. That combo still works, I’ve used it like 100 times since A.E came out.


I hardly ever go for that, but happened accidentally many times. Definitely doable.


Ah, my bad Faz. Will post in FAQ next time. Thanks for the info guys!


Speaking about combos, anyone else thinks someone (I or anyone else) should start a new combo thread with updated damage/stun numbers for AE? The current stickied thread is mostly about ancient vanilla stuff.


Yeah it would be good for new people perhaps :slight_smile: