AE Back Throw Glitch (PC Only?)

While messing around with AE on the PC, I found a very…cute glitch with Sakura’s back throw.

  1. Input the back throw
  2. Mash Back Dash (I believe the exact timing is when she is flipping onto the wall)

If done correctly, she will look as if she has bounced off the wall, and then will become stuck onto the opponent as they get up, overlapping them and being slightly off the floor.

The only way this is removed is by being hit by or hitting Sakura, and upon doing so, she will be reset onto the ground. Sakura’s jump while in this state will not move her up, but the animation of jumping will occur, allowing her to still do her air normals. While she may be glued onto the opponent, the opponent themselves can still move normally.

Any move she does during this (minus a throw) will keep her floating off the ground until the animation ends (if it hits). She CAN also block during it. She pretty much get rather confusing mix-up off her back throw. Not sure if low/overhead hits still retain their properties.

My computer isn’t playing well with FRAPS, so I couldn’t make a video. If someone can, I’ll love you. Might experiment more with it tomorrow.

The real question is: how do you have AE for PC already? Unless you’re a pirate. Arrr.

Maybe the crack you downloaded messed up your game files.

Switch the Framerate mode to Fixed, problem is gone.