AE balance control!

This is a character listing of changes I feel should be given to make AE more balanced. A character that’s fair shouldn’t be touched and runs perfectly fine in the game. *** indicates these characters need re balancing the most

Adon: fair
Abel: fair
Balrog: return standing jab properties and headbutt properties
Blanka: return U1 damage from vanilla
C.Viper: reduce overall damage or reduce stun slightly
Cammy: fair
ChunLi: return down forward short properties from Super, all other changes made is fair
Cody: fair
Dan: fair
Dee Jay: reduce recovery time on U1
Dhalsim: return overall damage on special moves
Dudley: fair
E.Honda: fair
El Fuerte: fair
E. Ryu: Fair ???
***Fei Long: remove properties of ex rekka (two and three rep should not be safe but one version can) remove invincibility start up of chicken wing
Gen: increase stun
Gouken: fair
Guile: return U2 damge, all else is fine
Guy: fair
Hakan: fair
Ibuki: fair
Ken: fair
M.Bison: fair
Makoto: reduce U1 damage slightly, all else is fair
Oni: fair
Rose: return U2 properties
Rufus: ex messiah kick should not whiff over any opponent, all else fine
Ryu: fair
Sagat: fair
Sakura: fair
Seth: fair
T.Hawk: fair
***Vega: ex flipkick needs more priority as an anti air, return damage on normals, reduce startup of U2 like it was in super
Yang: fair
***Yun: reduce counterhit damage…reduce stun ability more than slightly
Zangief: fair

stopped reading there

um most of these fairs are not really fair. like cody and guy they both need a slight walk speed boost. Try looking into what needs changes a little more though.

cool. this is just like the one thread entitled srk ae balance request thread. if only i could find it…

I hope capcom doesn’t listen to you lol

Nyuk Nyuk Gouken fair. Its almost as if you didn’t know what you were talking about.

I agree 100%

…and like…three other threads also discussing the same topic. But I guess his opinion on changes is SO important that he needs his own special little thread.