AE Balancing

Are you happy about it?

Yes mr. Murphy

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Balancing anything is good but the quality of this particular balancing is in question. Keep in mind how many times Capcom balances games.


Pretty damn satisfied about it, only played shitty Yuns so far, a couple of good Feis but it’s still full of Ryus, my character got buffed and they’re easier to deal with.

I’m pretty happy they are re-balancing and the fact that it is a free update. Capcom knew they f***ep with the unstoppable brothers.(Yang actually isn’t that much over powered). I hope they still keep them high tier, but dam those links are childsplay. My baby cousin could probably hit links consistently.

Can’t help but say it…sorry:

If the Yuns are truly shitty, then surely they can’t be that hard to defeat…

Im good with it the way it is…but in my ears it sounds like everyone wants to patch AE cuz the twins and only for that reason. Honestly i main Yun and the only problem I have with the patch coming up is learning the match ups all over again. There’s no pleasing everyone when it comes to a game like this…I wont be surprise if AE gets rebalanced after the new patch IMO.

Charlie Murphy: No you can’t please everyone, but AE displeased everyone, besides capcom fanboys.

ae only displeases people who use shitty characters. doesn’t matter because characters like rose, juri, dudley will still be shitty after the patch.

I hope you guys should not expect new moves being implemented.

120% sure they’re going to do a few damage adjustments and very very few hit box changes if any. The original Super roster got pretty good changes and I believe they have addressed plenty of issues concerning damage, hit boxes and such. I’m confident they’ll buff the hell out of Oni and some Evil Ryu, with small damage reductions on Yun and Yang. Twins don’t deserve any move nerfs whatsoever.

Some mistakens were made with AE, hopefully they get fixed.

Here’s a few igregious problems

  • Honda’s light headbutt removed - I know people thought Honda sat too much but, as a mobile Honda, I have to say removing this was to remove something Honda’s had since the first SFII. Light headbutt gave Honda a way to deal with pressure. Up close pressure that his standing HP can’t hit because it’s too slow and the attack is too close.

  • Hakan everything - We were promised sped up light slide, a better HP hitbox and improved oil speeds. We got none of this. Oil is actually longer (people have timed it in the Hakan threads) by a quarter second and HP, which would be the backbone of his moveset, is exactly the same. Yeah, we got foward LK to slide, but that’s just a 3hit, something every other character has multiple options for. So we should be grateful we now have two? Meanwhile we get normal thrown out of our grapples and jump kicked out of our well-timed slides? No. Just … No.

  • Bison’s nerfs - There weren’t any. “Wah, wah, wah. His HK is nerfed. Wah.” No it’s not. It just doesn’t do as much damage in the tip. BIG WHOOP! Oh he’s SOOOOOOO terrible now. He does just as much damage and priority except in the farthest part of his attack. Bison/Ryu/Cammy mains … biggest whiners ever.

Someone is getting owned by these biggest whiners. lol

I would like SF4 Guile’s meter gain + SSF4 Guile’s damage output. No reason for a character with no mixups to have no damage, either.

Am I happy about this thread? No. No one should be happy about this thing.