AE came in the mail a few days ago

Since I already downloaded the AE DLC, my purchase was essentially just an excuse to get the [S]toys [/S]action figures Capcom was offering as incentive for pre-ordering. I put the game on the shelf and didn’t bother opening it or inspecting it too much. Today I was rearranging my entertainment area and noticed that the case for AE was a little different than the others surrounding it… on both the front and the spine of the case, it simply reads “XBOX” with a big white space where it would appear “360” should have been printed. I can’t find any actual boxshots of the game online, just templates that show “XBOX 360” so I can’t determine if this is a new look or if there was a misprint on the cover. Has anyone else noticed this?

I didn’t really inspect the video too much, but it looks like this guy has the same thing on the front of his case. Maybe just a manufacturer screw-up? Might be worth millions of dollars in the future! gasp

Lol, I so don’t want that, I’ll keep my eyes open.


Did you Install the game to HD?

Does anyone know the installed size? Regular Super was 5.7GB I believe…

Mine is the same. The whole side looks unfinished. The “360” is missing and the title is written in plain white helvetica.

And now it’s confirmed…

that’s kind of weird.