AE day 1 thoughts?

Well since we have had ae in our hands for a few hours and I wanted to know how do you guys feel about adon in ae? Is he better? or is he worse off.

Personally I never did know how much I relied on the quick get up to maintain momentum without it I find it very hard to apply pressure so far ae has been a nightmare.

I have not played him long but he really feels different. Its not his wake up game though. Something just felt off for me. Tomorrow hopefully would be a better day to anaylze and make a better assessment.

the buff on the hitboxes allows some new stuff to happen.

IAJK, cr.MP xx l.RJ xx FADC xx Ultra 2 is now possible. The DP now hits with the first and second hit now, doing more damage and allowing for FADCs.

cl.HP into m.JK is possible…it’s an ok punish, it has better recovery for mixups…I only recommend using them once the opponent is cornered and scared. The normal cl.HP xx h.RJ does more damage and gives better positional advantage+ a soft knockdown.

His normals are extremely faster now, his cr. HP, cr. MP, st.LP, st.MP,st. HP, and st.HK all seem a whole lot faster to me, which I like a lot. cr.HP works very well as a strong poke now, and the other buttons work just as well in the footsie and spacing game. His normals are REALLY good now for that.

However, the nerf on his wakeup is extremely noticeable at first and comes back up every once in a while during matches, I feel like I can punish failed safe jumps…but the safe jumps actually work now…and sometimes I whiff DP and a random normal comes out because I missed times it, it’s a weird feeling. Being safe jumped feels so wrong… lolololol

Either way, Adon is a keeper at the moment, I’m liking Zangief a lot lately…but for now Adon all the way.
They may take our wake-up, but they can never take away our troll face.

Yo, from what I understand cl.hp and m.jk always linked into each other. I always used that combo in chocolate

the cl.hp xx mk.jk is purely range and character dependent! For instance in SSF4 you could try it on elf but point blank it would go over him, however if you moved back a step you would hit him… not sure if this is no longer the case as I have yet to use Adon in AE. Will try it out later and report back.
Personally I think one of the best ways to use cl.hp into any jk is as a sort of double frame trap. > cl.hp xx mk/hk.jk. I have caught people with the jk because they got so used to the cr.lp follow up from the cl.hp!

I agree. His normals feel better and results in a better footsies game. Wake up hasn’t really affected me still dp most jump ins on wake up :slight_smile: All in all I think he got buffed!

sounds more like your opponents aren’t safe jumping. You can’t do anything anymore when safe jumped… I guess I’m a scrub cuz I really liked that part about adon and now feel like ryus can make us their bitch with safejump/option select setups.

Most Ryu’s I play already knew how to safe jump him so doesn’t take much to get used to being SJ

I had to learn how to block safe jumps by playing other characters so the wake up nerf never really affected me. I didn’t play Adon much as my other characters so I’m not really going into detail. But yea he feels exactly the same as in Super other than the wake up nerf. He may apply pressure better in this game due to buffed normals but it’s really all the same.

I’ve played against quite a few Adons in AE yesterday and I must say that the wakeup timing nerf has made it MUCH easier to pressure him on wakeup. I feel that many of the matchups against him has gotten easier because of this - but then again it’s hard to tell the quality of the players right now with everyone’s PP starting from 0.

I like AE adon. I feel the worst nerf he got is the startup on jaguar tooth it’s really slow and people see it comming so It rarely hit’s in the corner anymore into ultra two I can’t tell if people have just caught on to this or if it’s the startup. His normal are way better and the wakeup time never really bothered me because I never really used that enough to rely heavly on it and it should only take a few day’s for people to adjust more to it especially since adon still has a fadc backdash and I think you can still nuetral jump on his wakeup. Anyways anyone mind making me a Adon avi with my name in it? If so get back at me.

Well from a 2nd day of play the wake up time is just something to get used to. His lp > mp seems much easier and yes his normals link much eaiser I guess it was just too much of a shock to me yesterday.

If you wanna play some adon matches my gt is JaggaMindTricks

Well…yes, this is something like a confession: I purchased AE. Do I regret it? Cant’ tell yet, since I haven’t played any online matches yet, only spent some time in the training room to test different stuff. Here are the things I have noticed:

It seems to be true, that some of his normals have been buffed, especially cr. :hp:. That is the most noticeable. But it seems to me, that also his st. :hp:, st. :hk: and cr. :hk: are slightly faster.

cl. st. :mp: is really nice now, there are a lot of combos possible with it. Combos I have successfully tested so far: cl. st. :mp: > st. :lp: > :lk: RJ ; cl. st. :mp: > st. :lk: > :lk: RJ ; those links also work with cr. :lp: and cr. :lk: and of course it is possible to combo cr. :mp: after any of those attacks. Also cl. st. :mp: > cr. :mp: > :lk: RJ and cl. st. :mp: > cr. :mk: > :lk: RJ works, but notice that the double hit of RJ is very character depended. Nice combos that are also possible: cl. st. :mp: > :lk: JK (works on everyone), cl. st. :mp: > :mk: JK (character depended).

cl. st. :mk: buff is also noticeable, although the combo possibility is harder than cl. st. :mp: and is very strong character dependend due to the different push backs it causes. Example: Tested cl. st. :mk: > cr. :lk: > :lk: RJ on Evil Ryu successfully, but did not work on Guy. But cl. st. :mk: > cr. :mp: seems to work on everyone however it is a 1 frame link so very hard to perform successfully.

The frame advantage of cl. st. :hp: and even his overhead Jaguar Crunch( :f:+:mp: ) are also noticeable since it has become easier to combo afterwards.
So above are the positive things I’ve managed to finde out so far. There is surely more to come, I will test the AE potential of Adon very intensively.

Now something, that gave me a shock and made my eyes shed tears: his wake up. Seriously guys, this is not funny anymore. His wake up is not normal, it’s even slower than some of the rest of the cast. It is extremly noticeable and a huge difference to Super. Fastest wake up I have seen in Training Room so far: Yun and Guy. Those 2 have a very fast wake up, similar to Adons in SSF4 and much faster than Adon in AE. Also Yang seems to have a faster wake up than Adon. I will test more characters and compare their wake up speed to Adons. But this is truly sad irony, isn’t it…the proud jaguar warrior with the once fastest wake up has now average (or even below, has to be tested yet) wake up timing. I shall grind you beneath my heel, Yoshinori Ono…simply unforgivable >:( :sad: :annoy: :mad:

Rough going so far…really missing that startup. Finding myself staying on the ground longer after knock down. He’s still a solid character, but definitely a strategy change toward less aggressive…

I certainly will.

Imo his buff about the close MP is useless if it’s really -6 on block it’s really unsafe the combos with this move should be nice but finally it will be worthless, i use this move only after a stun just for the fun, I don’t understand why Capcom make this move so unsafe.

His crouch hp is really faster and can be use like a really poke with the super the damage are huges.

His far mk seems to have a better priority, i don’t really feel a differerence about his others pokes.

The ten more damage about the jaguar kick are nice, 175 in counter it’s hurts.
The combo with is ia jk made more damage 295 with the juggle corner, it’s hurts bad too, but his BnB with a rj lk cancel made less damage.

The hit box of the rj lk still sadly the same, his overhead still so slow.
The buff about the ex jt is nice, it will be surprising the firts days.

His wake-up nerf is particularly troublesome against rushdown character like Guy, Makoto and especially Gouki and I think the twins too, theses matchs-up will be harder, we should learn to block now but Honda,Boxer, Guile will be easer I think.

I don’t fight Zangief and I don’t want :frowning:

People have already gone over the actual changes, so I’ll just add my input on the gameplay itself.

  1. Adon is definitely capable of punishing the flood of Yun players online. Adon’s neutral jump HK just annihilates the Yun dive-kick spammers trying to frame trap you into an easy victory, as it has against all the other characters that have tried to do so against Adon. What’s even better is the fact that Yun can actually be punished pretty hard for dive-kicking too high on adon, similar to when dhalsim dive kicks too high. Yun may have a high fram advantage on a jab block, but he’s still very punishable.

  2. I find myself wanting to scream whenever I discover myself playing against a makoto player. It’s the same problem as playing against Viper players in Super - You end up losing to the bad players simply because they don’t respect your counter-options, and it always ends up paying off for them : (. This is true for the new Makodo player. They can never be punished for focus + backdashing ANY wakeup option you try to play on them, and their standing MP renders our standing HK useless. What’s worse is that a Makodo player has 2438752897 wakeup shenanigans to pull on Adon, nearly all of which can result in 300+ damage if you guess incorrectly. At least with Yun all you have to worry about is which direction to block the dive kick…

  3. Overall, we’re in a period of time where a lot of people are forgetting the obsession on throws/teching throws, so make use of Adon’s ridiculously good forward dash. I can’t count how many players I’ve landed free throws on after a successful AA RJ, simply by dashing in a half second before the wake-up. It works best against zoning characters, since the distance between you and your opponent after a RJ is usually what they consider ideal.

I like him a lot more now. I feel like I dominate the game better with AE Adon. To me, I feel like his JT is more usable now, especially the EX one being able to go through fireballs. It has saved me countless times.

With wakeup… I don’t notice it as much. I am liking his buffed normals a lot. I am also doing Neutral HK > cr. mp > Super a lot, and its been a game winner A LOT.

Yea as I play more those previous comments I made make me seem like an ass. Also it seems as if his iajk has gotten faster/safer (or its just me) because I’m not being punished by Focus attacks as much as I used to

anyone else find that they’re able to hop over some projectiles with lk JK now?