AE Dee Jay Corner Combos

So I went into training mode earlier today, and messed with a couple of corner combos and also have been toying with the EX air slashers. Since can be canceled now it seems to be good when used in the corner combo game as well. I’ve been playing Dee Jay for a couple months now, and was wondering if anyone can provide me THEIR most useful corner combos following EX air slashers? Sorry if the topic was mentioned already. I’m trying to figure out the best corner combos with the best damage output while using the minimal amount of EX meter.

So what I do is:

j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > st.lp xx EX AS >
j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > st.lp > cr.lp >
j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > st.lp > (2 hitter)
j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > close st.hp (2 hitter)
j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > close st.hp xx HK Sobat / EX AS
j.hp/hk > xx EX AS > close xx LK Sobat

there were plenty more, and i understand that there are DOZENS of different corner combos for Dee Jay, but any advice/tips/recommendations would help. Also have a question regarding knee shot in the corner: Am I better off giving some space and pressure with fireballs and lk sobat or knee shot pressure and block strings in the corner? Both? What works better for you guys? Id love to hear from you Dee Jay OG’s out there.Thanks in advance everyone. > CR.MP xx exmgu > mk upkick > mk upkick

jhp/jhk, crlp, crmp, ex mgu, jhp, throw if teched.

Anything into ex mgu follow with nj fierce or cl rh

oh yea definitely one of my favorites, thanks Knut.

throw if they ground tech?

oh crap…i feel dumb haha never knew cl.rh could follow up. will try the nj fierce right now online hahah.

are you guys all on XBL? btw thanks for the quick replies! waaaaay more active than the Gief forum <.<

yes it’s ground tech. neutral jhp is a good tool to mix things up in the corner. + you get an untechable knockdown after the throw.

Lol I hit somebody with the n.jump fierce yesterday and was like “Oh snap!”. You just got punched in the top-o-da-head son!