AE edition, how the boxer CE do that?

Hi Folks…
I m watched some videos in Utube…
in this video: [media=youtube]KBK4kAMJ7tM&feature=related[/media]
how the boxer CE do that ( 02:08s) ? :amazed:

Thanks for attention =)

Isn’t that just a crouching HP into Dash Uppercut?
Not really sure.

I think no… i talked with some friends about isn’t a just crouching HP…
and everybody see the two dash …
I really dont understand how the boxer do that =(

i think is two dash, i know ST balrog can do the short version into super
easily mashing directions and buttons after dash.

In Sf:III you can buffer Urien ©b,F+LK doing b,f,b+lk
im not sure if boxer can do same

Don’t know if SF2 system has it but it probably is charge partioning. “CE-ism” in HSFA Boxer can do that too.

The Pony Canyon video shows someone doing it.
They start buffering the next dash right as they press :lk:, and for whatever reason, the first dash-upper still comes out.
They get :lk: > dash-upper instead of just :lk:.

I haven’t seen it done since HF though.