AE Ibuki Patch Changes/V Trigger 2 (Notes are available in Japanese)

More pushback on hit for ex kunai and j.LP, f+MK target are basically buffs to the corner carry. Landing both is basically a double whammy of corner carry with a plus a bunch standing reset. Hardly fair for the opponent and has potential to get nerfed again. Mid screen 50/50 doesn’t work on big characters any way it just happened to work out that most of the big characters aren’t played by many CPT players. So basically you see 50/50 wreak havoc on regular characters, but don’t see Ibuki get to play as many matchups where she’s forced to use standard reset options. The extra corner push means you’ll get to push every character to the corner faster where the 50/50 reset is much easier to set up and gives you enough room to walk around and fake cross them up.

c.MK being plus 3 on hit is big deal for neutral as well as being plus 3 on hit off a low essentially gives her the equivalent of a plus 3 on block normal in the neutral as long as you clip their legs. Right now Ibuki doesn’t have a plus 3 on block normal (she doesn’t need one) but this is effectively the equivalent of one if you clip the opponent’s legs at a close enough range. Ibuki having a real low threat makes her just about complete neutrally. No more auto pilot stand blocking/walking backwards vs her and pressing buttons on command dashes. Your toes get clipped and you give her a frame trap with s.MK or c.MP that can’t be interrupted by 3 frame jabs. Improves her ability to lock people down with proximity block also.

There’s only a few other characters with non cancelable c.MK’s that have 2 or more plus frames on hit. For reference; Rog is plus 2 on hit, Urien is plus 4 on hit and Vega is plus 7 on hit. So for her to have something that puts her inbetween for frame advantage and sets up counter hit combos is really good. Most other characters are plus 1, 0 or minus on hit for a non cancel c.MK.

Being able to finally get a normal that can trap 3 frame jabbers into s.MK or c.MP is a big deal. Gives you easy one hit confirm into standing reset or c.MP into EX kunai or LK command dash if you’re feeling good. You can hit c.MK from max range and still press c.MP or s.MK without getting jabbed out. Right now you have to use s.MP which is finnicky with the range and has very specific timing. if you’re off timing at all you will get counter hit.

some vids are you sure tc hits after ex kunai they get blown very far away.
And doenst ex kunai dash raida cover more range?

im not 100% following on the 3 frame trap thing, do you mean cr mk cr mp with ch 3 frames cause the 3f attacks wont reach and they will get counterhit?

AE videos ryu vs ken and ibuki 4:20:00 from fgc belgium and ibuki discords

Second vtrigger is interesting actually,if you mixup the returning part with mk dash reset it becomes a grounded reset for a new ground combo it doesnt have a self juggle property like bomb and 2 times in a round can be usefull and probably beats all multi hit fireballs with an reaction and dash after it and combo or kunai release and dash combo for full screen punish.We will see

Yeah I think I’ll probably use VT2 vs big body characters as it gives her more range tools vs those characters. Plus likely a way to back them off of you and start your momentum if they get too unga.

@ditn I already explained in discord, but basically c.MK being plus 3 on hit is like giving Ibuki a plus 3 on block normal. She doesn’t have any plus 3 on block normals right now so some characters like Vega can just mash s.LK 3 framer to trade/beat any frame trap you do with a 6 frame button like s.MK and c.MP. s.MK especially is important since it keeps her plus and close without much pushback. Her other stuff that is plus and frame traps 3 frame buttons is really short range and pushes back farther.

c.MK on hit into s.MK on block is essentially like being able to do s.MK into s.MK or s.MK into c.MP block strings on a 3 frame character. Normally you can only use those block strings on 4 frame characters and they’re great strings because they keep you plus and right next to the opponent.

Yeah you are right,with a low threat +3 you can frame trap immediately or walk some throw or again same easy CH comfirm because of long recovery into dp+Hk and CA from range close lk comfirm and it is 3 active so B=0,H=+5,C=+7 can be done for last hit meaty and now its +6 for trigger 1 cancel but with extra frames can be +9 on normal hit cancel for cr,HP followup. But, man i except every change all fair no word for cheap stuff in mid screen but,she is a fucking ninja must be style that b+MP nerf they took teleport resets that was her only button resets exept after bomb every normal was resetting and thats gone now.If you look other chars,laura,karin,ken,akuma,rashid,urien now nash in v2 and possibly more that i cant remember they have reset command dash style moves with every normal button.They changed her into a ordinary fighter hit reset manual dash.Thats what i personally pissedof thing but in the very end she is still powerfull enough but lack of style. Though i think after kunai ex if can immediately cancel kunai realese HP into command dash you can still reset right under and still choose side in the midscreen cost of all remaining kunais but if people completely drop her or not being successful enough they can give in mid season patch.That is imo , one of the coolest things she has.

I think once we come up with the new combo paths and reset routes should be fine. First hit of b+MP still cancelable and that’s mainly the part of it I use any way.

The kunai release special cancel buff should add to her swag and give her more ways to throw the kunai release while being able to reload safely.

Example of modified combo after bomb explosion.

c.MK, VTC, s.LK, LP raida (bomb explodes), MK command dash, LP+HP EX kunai juggle, HK command dash, j.LP, j.MK target, cross under if near corner

Yes , im ok anyway,in the very end if you are character loyalist like old times then will find in new ways for her to shine. Yes release has more use now ,reload is easy with a shield property .it gives like 25 frames of its recovery to you ,its huge and goes full screen,also screen with boomerang shuriken(reminds me which naruto and sasuke used against zabuza to save kakashi) with kunais, explodes,teleports.

I heard someone was testing Ibuki on stream and the new kunai release cancel basically allows you to create zoning patterns by using them again after you reload. Ibuki might have a real zoning game now lol

I would probably do something like get myself down to two kunais, then use the MP release and recharge. That would be a pretty good pattern as the first 2 kunais release near the ground and low profile most of the fireballs in the game.

Yes,kind of fireball war , but also their fireball will pass too,but if you cancel into command jump:if they block in time you are on top of them,if they eat wakeup game.Shehas the best fireball in the game imo the ex one it passes through every fireball,super,and physical atacks .Also only thing that beats aegis , eliminates tornado,burdie’s can and banana and juggle property with a mixup option.Ibuki also is an easy corner carry char with mk TC and raida+Hp.Then let the heavy mixup begin like the reset you showed even nearly middle of the screen.

Its very funny that i watch some of the patch notes videos on youtube,people dont realise that none of the videomakers are ibuki specialist, almost all of them saying after bomb no juggles,they misunderstood that only normals cant reset.And also some of them says no tc after kunai ex :slight_smile: everybody thinks that ibuki is useless she cant do anything i really want to see their faces after the realese ,they tought all mixups are gone now

Yeah, it hard to say that Ibuki is “dead” due to her nerfs. Granted she did get hard to the point where she might be a mid-high tier character. However, the biggest thing lost was the EX Kunai mixups imo. Bomb mixups are still here but just require the use of a few resources to make them work. Only time will tell, but I feel Ibuki will find their rhythm again when people get a handle on how to play the neutral with her in S3.

If you don’t main Ibuki you have no way of assessing her notes properly. She’s just too complicated for joe shmoe or somebody who doesn’t main her to figure it all out. Anybody who is just joe shmoe or doesn’t main her can only be right by saying “she’s not going to be as good as Season 2”. Which is fine because none of the other top tiers just by their notes are going to be as good as their Season 2 versions. Every top tier has been hit with the honest stick compared to Season 2. All of the high tiers are basically reset at this point and have new tools to assess.

I figured things that would be obvious to nerf would be her f+HK as it’s one the only CC’s that hit crouchers that is safe on block (minus 3). It’s only like Rashid and Urien that still have stuff like this that give better reward on CC. I almost assumed it was going down to minus 4 at the minimum, but the move isn’t even listed in the notes so it’s safe to say they think it’s ok while most other dedicated neutral CC’s are taking nerfs. Fine with me. I figured s.HK would get nerfed as well, but they ended up buffing it. Which is funny because there was a guy in the general thread complaining that her s.HK recovers too fast for what it can do, but Capcom said it sa’ll good.

Overall her neutral basically got buffed which is good since it seems they’re making an attempt to make the game more neutral focused (but you’ll still need unga bunga mix ups options to be top tier). A character like Ibuki is better off having their neutral buffed any ways since the changes they made to her mix up can be mostly fixed by just adjusting your setups and what you focus on. c.MK adds a ton to her frame trap game, low pressure and counter hit confirms and the changes to her other normals are mostly just fixes so she doesn’t get pushed out of combos during counter hits. c.MP is basically don’t be an idiot and whiff it all day.

Probably because of whiff on crouch property and having 16 frames of recovery they thought its ok,buffing it is nice bonus. f+HK is 14 fr startup and they already added extra 4 frames recovery for whiff in s2 ,so they didnt touch it this time.And yes cr.MP is fair too.They revised all abuseble stuff for all cast that mostly people asked for.Basically if you want s2 like stuff for left /right mixupups you have to earn it by winning the neutral and drive the opponent to the corner and then pay it with a cost of being self cornered in an unsuccessful attempt.Fair risk reward

COME ON. Getting a clean hit with ibuki was hard in s2, her mixup chains were very well earned. Her buttons were the worst out of the top 10 characters. 4 more recovery frames for a medium normal is like they want Ibuki to be SFIV playing in SFV. We got screwed, it is not “more honest” now, the whole game is chaos and a piece of our chaos was stolen.

This condescending attitude toward the balance patch is not right. We gotta demand a 3.5 patch, it is totally not fair. We will obviously addapt to the changes but she was right in S2, we worked hard for all of her stuff, and they robbed us with this terrible patch based on scrubs feedback.

Im pissed of somethings too,mostly b+MP teleport resets nerf, but have to find new ways ,there is nothing to do for now. Will see how it goes.

It’s not much work to land a c.MP that is hard to whiff punish into a 50/50 that leads to more damage and stun than most of the ex moves conversions into knockdown in the game. Some of her other stuff required work, but that admittedly wasn’t much work and way little effort for more reward than most of the other cast. It wasn’t going to make it to Season 3 and it’s surprising how much of her stuff did make it to season 3 really. I was sure f+HK was getting toned, but hey.

A gif showing how Ibuki’s V trigger 2 can be thrown so it boomerangs back high or low.


I guess the straight ver. can be used to pressure on block and if they jump or backdash (Possibly) the Shuriken could catch them on it’s way back. The upwards ver. could be used to counter far to mid jump-ins, giving you knockdown pressure with the Shuriken on it’s way back. Definitely something to lab out in AE.

Interesting thing to note also is the first shuriken she threw that came back low to the ground actually started with her throwing it to the air as an anti air. The second time she threw the shuriken it started more at a grounded angle and then came above Nash.

Wonder if that means you can control how it goes out and comes back or if it’s static to which way you initially throw it

Variation of reset with fake cross.

**TBF, stuff with the hit confirm into EX kunai is kinda expensive as you’ll need to burn 2 bars to get this all going. ** It’s not like old VT1 stuff where you can gain a hit confirm into a mix up without spending meter.

I guess the goal is to find whatever is best that doesn’t require EX burn for hit confirm or gets them closest to stun without burning EX on the reset.

You can cancel the normal TC kunai+P to activation and then follow with TC again then while returning mk dash to mixup the block and after the shuriken hits you can followup with a new combo(All the combos and mixup will be ground base with no meter) i think