AE linked to gamertag and not the system?

I purchased AE when it came out under my old gamertag. I went ahead this week and made a new gamertag, so that I may be able to use it solely for streaming. When I logged in with the new gamertag it says the update is corrupt, so I went ahead and logged into my other gamertag and it works fine. So is AE linked to the gamertag like some XBoxlive games are or is it linked to the system?

All DLC is linked to the gamer tag as well as the system it was downloaded on. You can transfer the console license once every four months, but it’s still tied to that tag. As long as you have access to that tag, you can just transfer the license to your Xbox and it’ll work fine.

Four months? Thought it was a year between license transfers?

They changed it at some point (XBL site says four months now.)