AE Locations?

Does anyone know where I can find where the SSF4 AE cabinets might be at?

Preferably the Midwest, you know :wink:

I can’t wait for AE console update, so I’ve just been wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

When is the update? and ive been wanting a cab just in Omaha so I can play. I don’t see myself going far to play on a cab. I can just wait a month or so for the update if it is not in Omaha.

UPDATE: Confirmed North American Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade EditionLocations - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA

^ Thanks Delirium, I know where the one in my area is… thank god Gameworks is only 15 minutes away.

Btw do you know if they’re already installed and whatnot? or we don’t know yet

Dang, you would get one in Chicago.