AE Makoto to 3S Makoto support thread

This is a thread for those of us who presently are transitioning from AE Makoto to 3S.

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been quite a change for me going from footsie based Makoto with a good knockdown game in AE to a dash and grab Makoto who primarily makes you guess high or grab in 3S. Gone are the days of buffer poking all day and solid play; now it’s balls to the wall, try your best to land that SA2 rushdown!

My current experiences, continued on from

Scrub Robot Makoto


It turns out SA2 can only be done seldomly, if what I’m seeing is correct. You have to be between 1/10 of the stage and 3.5/10 of the stage with Makoto’s back to the corner, and have Super, and land the Karakusa. Most matches I don’t even get the opportunity to SA2.

I don’t really like post-Hayate mix-ups. I feel jumping or poking is too good of a risk vs. reward option against Makoto, especially because of push-back. I use c.LK xx LP Hayate plenty here, but it sure does suck when I guess wrong.

I’m still having a hard time with people poking too much on the ground. I jump and play a “parry AA” or just a regular jump in and guess, but I do better against those who don’t press buttons and just let me come at them. :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your experiences! Actually, does anyone know the absolute best Hayate mix-ups and hit-confirms? If only s.MP, c.LK xx LP Hayate worked at most ranges :frowning:

The motions require much stricter timing for SAII especially when cancelled! I can barely do an HPxxSAII so I’ve stuck to SAI, but I read BOSS also had the same problem with it as well.

scrubby makoto failure incoming



A match I had a few days ago. I noted all the mistakes I know I’ve made in the notes but I’m sure there are more things I can execute better. I keep trying IAT in this game and it’s not as practical :rofl:. If anyone has tips on what I should do against the keep away game, I’d appreciate it!

I’ve been considering SA1, ever since I learned how limited SA2’s range is. Ever since I got s.HP xx SA2 down, however, I’ve gone away from it.

When I’m getting zoned/poked out right now, I either jump more, which works well with the parry system, or I start walking a lot more (which I’m finding I’m not doing nearly enough).

PS: Gill is ridiculous. For fun I faced a decent Gill in a player match about five games, and came damn close to winning one, even though I knocked him out quite a few times. Gill is LOL. Makes boss Seth look like nothing.

I’m trying to get some stories, but I’ve been having a hard time getting connected. Supposedly, the 3SO team is already working with Microsoft to fix the problem. It really sucks because I’m dying to play. Let’s just say I’m not a happy camper.

I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting. Mainly because EX Oroshi is not a good meaty/Oki option anymore and no Instant Air Tsurugi’s, but Makoto is just as deadly and still my favorite character in the entire roster, so I’m making due.

Yeah, no IA Tsurugi, instead you gotta jump from almost full screen and bust out the tsurugi mid flight so you can tag them as you land. Man, I wish we had this in AE. I’d forgotten how awesome it was in 3S


this should be good reference.

I gotta say though, I like the knockdown properties it has. The Ex version is also good on an unsuspecting opponents wake up.

I’m like 9-4 or something like that so far. Wish I was better at s.hp xx SAII though. Urien is giving me a lot of trouble with dat Aegis.

i spent about 4-5 years playing makoto in 3s. after spending a year un-learning her moveset so i could play her in super/AE, i can’t transition at all between the two, lol. they play really differently just because the game isn’t all about landing safe jump OS bullshit, it’s really fast guessing games on your feet until you land that sweet, sweet SAII.

lets see what i remember:

jump HK is an unstoppable air to air
neutral jump HK tsrugi throws off parry timing and is a really strong air to ground
crouch HK is your meter builder / AA move
crouch MK is a BOSS poke, seriously just look at how far it reaches compared to AE
crouch MP -> hayate is a good punisher
meaty stand MP -> hk karakusa is a pretty good tick throw on wakeup (stand MP has a million frames of blockstun)
ex hayate in the corner can be followed up with f+lk, stand mk, lp hayate (character specific)
ex hayate -> (they tech roll) -> whiff lk kara karakusa is at the perfect range
you can kara ALL moves with whiff stand lk. whiff stand LK -> SAI has huge range.

after a hayate hits you can:
karakusa (expect a block or parry, now they’re dead) -> ex oroshi (expect a low block) -> lp hayate (expect high block / parry or jump)

goes without saying all hayates are mega unsafe on block. be prepared to eat a lot of low forward xx super if you guess wrong. oh well.

you pretty much never hitconfirm except off single hits (crouch MP -> hayate, karakusa -> whatever). she can do jab jab lk -> mk TC, but i have no idea why you would ever do it. that’s just a 3s thing though.

tl;dr: playing urien now. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least she’s the same in terms of goals. Knockdown, scare your opponent into blocking so you karakusa them, beat them down with meaties if they don’t, ect. I find myself burning meter trying to combo EX Hayate off of normals other than s.HP. Unfortunately, it’s just habit. I seriously never have enough stocked for a Super.

yesterday i started playing 3S
i had the curious problem that Fukiage in 3S had to be pressed right to come out (Forward, Down, Down-Forward)
While in AE you can do the full motion to forward and will come out :stuck_out_tongue:
Didn’t remember that when i played it in ps2

Im having a way easier time landing dash-karakusa in this game, maybe because everyone is parry crazy right now or something, but hitting the hp followup is really weird for me because of the animation timing and maybe lag as well. I sometimes just mash on hp through the choke and it links more often than me actually trying to time it! XD. Any tips for timing the hp after karakusa, and also the timing from hp into SAII? What are the best normals to super cancel into SAI?

Not that I use it too often but jump-in HK is so much nicer in this game. I’ve stuffed so many anti-air attempts with it.

I’m kind of new on the third strike scene, and god how hard is this game ! I’m struggling to perform a super art, the AI gave me so much trouble (no mindgaming…). Well, it seems that I will have so many things to learn but 3SO is terrific !

Don’t mash. I listen for Makoto to grunt, and a little bit after that you’re golden to attack.

s.HP xx SA2 is just that, s.HP, 236236+K. No shortcuts to it, AFAIK. Karakusa, s.HP xx SA2 is a bit harder than just s.HP xx SA2, so get s.HP xx SA2 down first.

I found out today that Makoto’s hit-confirm is s.MP, s.LK xx LP Hayate. s.LK has a very Kara-like attribute to it, as even on block and hit she lunges forward, so LP Hayate will hit here where c.LK xx LP Hayate will fail. It’s a 4 frame link, so it’s easy.

EX Oroshi’s range sort of pisses me off. You can’t combo it off of s.MP, so meaty s.MP xx EX Oroshi isn’t that good, and s.MP, s.MP xx EX Oroshi will miss outright. Gotta stop trying that on block, as I could in AE …

I love these old school games that don’t pander to the lazy. Yeah, no shortcuts here. Only thing that remedies a combo not coming out is LOTS of practice. I do wish training mode had input display. That is one feature from the newer games that I really like. Makes it considerably easier to pinpoint execution mistakes.

RM, I didn’t realize you didn’t know s.MP, s.LK->Special was her BnB string, otherwise I would have told you that days ago. Luckily, you can cancel into any of her specials from it, just like AE’s s.MP,s.MP.

Man, I hope Ranked match making gets fixed soon. I hate waiting my turn in Endless rooms. I JUST WANT TO PLAY DAMNIT!!!

The temporary solution to finding ‘quick’ matches has been creating small Tournament rooms with Pro Tournament rules. Not much wait time and the room fills up with three people pretty fast. If you didn’t make it in the ‘finals’ you can leave the tournament and start a new one.

Thanks! Much appreciated

Something I just found out and I didn’t see it in the SRK Third Strike Makoto FAQ:
She has a special taunt if you taunt right after a hayate. I’m not sure if it has any special properties.

Not really Makoto related, but do you guys notice a large amount of fun and lack of salt in this game right now? I mean, in relation to AE?

In AE, if I’m getting vortexed by a good player, or get put into a largely bad risk vs reward scenario, or fight certain characters, I get all :frowning: which leads to >:( and sometimes even :lame:.

In 3S, dude, I don’t even care if I’m fighting Gill or a Chun-Li, or if I’m knocked down and getting Aegis Reflectored into death. I’m always thinking “Sick!” and the like. Generally I’m always :woot:

It’s like I don’t give a shit, but I do … but I don’t.