AE matchup: Gen vs Abel



On request from Dr.H…


Nobody else got something to share? Definitely not the easiest of our matchups.


Abel matchup comes down to reaction battle, Gen cannot afford Abel in front of him cos 4 tornado throws and u r dead. Sorry but I have no xperience here


Option select grab on his wake-up should be good, too, since lots of Abel use the EX Roll in that situation. You’ll grab him whether he uses the roll or does nothing


added a few things that were suggested by some Japanese players:

- Abel’s far has 5 startup frames, and if you block, you’ll be at 0/0. After blocking, use Mantis, if you get a counter hit, you can land cr.hp or
- After blocking his Wheel kick, don’t do mp Hands but mk Gekiro
- When you begin a combo with - cr.lp don’t go for the TC but do - TC - lk Gekiro.
- After getting hit by Sky Fall or Tornado, usually Abel’s okizeme will start with a Roll. If you read his inputs as 443, do a backstep, otherwise block low (this is a cornerstone against Abel).
- In close range, don’t backstep, Abel just waits for that. From step-kick, Abel will continue the pressure, instead of backstepping, block for an instant and then do a vertical jump, otherwise use st.lp
- In case of mid-range step-kick, use Mantis
- Use Mantis cr.hp as distant anti-air. Don’t use Crane, it’ll lose to j.lp. Rather try to anti-air him with Crane and Shakudan.
- Against other characters it’s normal to react with a throw when you see them dash towards you. Against Abel, if you see a dash, use Mantis st.lp to avoid the incoming Tornado


ehmm which japanese players are those


Credits: Arakuremonku (also known as Shuma Golath), Monzetsu, Rokotsu,*


damn, thats legit then, can you transpose that to simpler english, having a little problem undrstanding them


Abels crossup is tough to notice, and I dont believe cr.hp can help there, so I suggest crane for this one, because it can auto correct. I would suggest gekiro for this match but I would expect Abel to always be moving forward in this fight, he is easily undone by jab/short, and I like to stick to alot in this fight. Try not to dash due to step kick and wheel kick catching you, and only neutral jump on reaction to a slow normal. Try to utilize the throw/fadc OS after a blocked step kick, that or jump back. If you can train them for that use U2 to beat the followups (axe kick and falling sky)


what can’t you understand? Tell me and I’ll make it simpler :slight_smile:


cLK cLP sMP TC2. does it really work?




wow, I thought that worked on DeeJay only


Me too… But I thought it will only works when they are in the close range… eMM and it also works to Yoga…
If gen player who has great reaction. Abel will be really desperate… As we are not machine so abel has the chance…:slight_smile:
Another thing : Utilize the the unblock setup aganist CViper(back throw step back jmk mantis) to abel.
The effect is like this. Abel will block the normal hight mk but the old man will land in crossup postion. And you can also control the timing for the step back than let gen land in the normal positon.


Agree…The strategy is the earlier tip. The active frame of cr hk is 5 frame now.


- After getting hit by Sky Fall or Tornado, usually Abel’s okizeme will start with a Roll. If you read his inputs as 443, do a backstep, otherwise block low (this is a cornerstone against Abel).

*Fell really sick after the setup of abel`s throw. Badly need to undertand these words. *
Does it meens to block and dash like an option select?


443 basically is the motion for a tornado throw, and I believe it means to backdash your ass out of there. in my experience it is better to neutral jump than to backdash or you may eat spin kick special thing.

and one thing houzi, pls don’t call the unblockable against viper ugo’s unblockable, it makes me sound like one Gen expert and that is really uncomfortable for me. they are starting to call me Master Gen in the community here and its quite embarassing. just say unblockable ok. It matters not who discovers it.


:frowning: Sorry…


Thanks my friend.


Wow I got wrecked up against a high level Abel player…So against able we just play heavy footie and keep it him out?