AE on the PS3

I just played this game at my bros house on the PS3 with the Sixais(sp) for a odd reason when I do a jumping Rounhouse Kick…the timing is off, Is it just me…

It’s not just you. There is a delay and there are a number of things that could be causing it. You might get better answers from Tech Talk but here’s what I know anyhow…

A wireless controller takes a few extra milliseconds of response time, causing a tiny amount of input lag. This is small enough to be relatively negligible though.

If your PS3 is upscaling the original 480i picture to a higher resolution, this will cause output lag. If your HDTV is scaling the video signal to its native resolution, this will cause output lag.

PS3 backwards compatibility has some lag no matter what. The best it gets is about three frames’ worth. That’s with a 20 or 60 GB model. The 80 might have it worse!

Just in case you were going to try it or have tried it as well, ST on CCC2 naturally has four frames of input lag.