AE Online Ladder

Hi i’ve had an online ladder for ssf4 for a while but no one joined 8( here i am giving it another stab hoping that with the release of AE people will be interested in some ladder play. So far I seem to be the only active ladder online, but I have no players D8 please join if you’re interested!!! Just sign up at and register into the ssf4 ladder and just start playing!! I also upload matches of famous players like ryukichikun kiryu tsukimiya air tokido you know the peeps you wanna see body people online! here’s a promo video

My 2 cents: Ever since CvS2 Live days, no one gives a damn about ladders/leader boards since there’s no incentive - unless you’re just a score whore. You could always just BloodyKaz it down. We play to play, we play to find people we like to get a series of matches because it’s fun, or to find people who are in / are on our skill level.

For rankings in general, that’s what tournaments, ranbats, or online tournaments (that finish) are for.

Eh also no one wants to register for yet another account.

:frowning: but we will have prizes and such for our tournaments, and I also provide media for sf players, like combo vids, videos of pros, and whatever else i can come up with. I mean when GameBattles had their ladder up plenty of people were playing and this is back on Super, so i dont know what changed from Super to AE…