AE PC - input lag?

Has anyone tested the PC version of AE to see how it compares regarding input lag? I know the ps3 and 360 both a have a bit more input lag compared to the arcade version - but I was hoping that the PC version would be on point :slight_smile:

Depends on your system. Turn off VSync, turn off pre-rendered frames (for nVidia drivers) … that’ll be a good start as far as making sure it’s minimal.

I thought the same thing at first, if ur online its probably the connection, go into training to test.

well I haven’t even played the PC version yet - just asking if anyone has tested

AE PC is arcade perfect. You might get messed up inputs if your refresh rate is off, play with the vsync setting and check your display settings.

I think very few have high speed cameras to test both versions. :smiley: