AE PC mod with 2012 changes, ready for training mode/online play

Newest version:

Old version:

I probably should have just done this in the first place, any feedback or corrections would still be appreciated. If you want to play online, both players will need the mod.

The biggest issues:

  • Health/stun changes: They involve modifying the .exe, which shouldn’t be done.
  • Juri: FSE changes, probably the biggest thing I left out.
  • Hakan: He does get oil at the start of the round, but he also gets it mid-round if he stands perfectly still for 2.5 seconds. Shouldn’t be an issue in matches, considering it’s faster to do HK oil. I also didn’t make his oil dives/super fly over the opponent, because I couldn’t find a way to do it without changing the trajectory.

Smaller things I didn’t change:

  • Cody: Blocking during the knife pickup animation.
  • El Fuerte: s.HP xx Run sweep whiffing.
  • Evil Ryu: Hop kick tatsu works like a regular ground tatsu, the real 2012 version will be something unique.
  • Gen: Glitch where he receives extra counterhit damage during crane c.HP.
  • Makoto: Charged Hayate because no one cares.
  • Oni: EX DP causes an untechable knockdown at any point, not just off the first hit. EX Air tatsu after air dash is unchanged, because I’d really need to see it.

That’s about it. Everything else should be in there and working properly. I obviously had far too much fun playing with Dantarion’s moveset editor.

The original patch notes I followed: Alpha, Beta Part 1 / Part 2, Round 3
If I missed anything or something’s not working how it should, just post about it. If there’s anything major I could do an update.

there was a guy around doing the same thing in another thread in this section. ill look and see if i can find it. maybe you could PM him and trade thoughts or whatever

TBH This seems like a bad idea because the next set of patch notes are just around the corner. Don’t work TOO hard implemented what is existing currently. Maybe last month it would have been worth it.

I was hoping someone else would at make something like this last month, but I never saw a major attempt at it. I’m not really worried about future changes though, if they’re like the last round of patch notes I could easily make all the changes the same night.

We put together a mod in the Akuma forums that covers all of his changes. The only issue we’re hazy on is the height restriction on his EX fireballs from EX flip as we’re yet to see any footage of it.

Also Included in the 2012 Akuma mod are tears and salt, but mostly tears.

Because he’s only being top tier, not super top like Akuma players are used to?.?

Dont see a reason for this. I rather play the official 2012 patch then some homemade broken mess that the creator would think its perfect.

The reason for this would be to be able to play around with the v2012 stuff before it’s released. Of course this will be senseless after the 13th Dec.

I obviously can’t get it perfect, that’s why I asked for help. The goal isn’t to be perfect either, it’s to make something that’s just closer to the real 2012 than current AE. There are new combos to practice, and a bunch of matchups will change completely from simple things like Akuma’s s.RH nerf, Blanka’s up ball causing a knockdown, Honda’s jab headbutt coming back, etc.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much run out of things I can easily do, so I’m releasing it now. OP is updated.

so yun is in there? I want to get a feel of what he would be like after the nerfs.

Yeah, even his more unusual changes like the shorter Genei’Jin. His dive kick height was kind of a gray area, but I heard it wasn’t a big change, so I kept it below Yang’s.

The patch is like 2 weeks away. I think I and most players can wait.

the link is dead yeb, you think you can reupload it? or maybe you had a reason for deleting it? lol

Wtf, stupid forum software. I updated it but when I replaced the link, it had the new text but still linked to the original file. It actually would have worked if you copied and pasted it.

Anyway, the main reason for the update was because Cody’s backward walk speed somehow didn’t save. That one was really frustrating because I was actually comparing it to a location test video, but his backward speed is supposed to still be pretty slow so I didn’t notice. His forward speed saved and the backward walk speed didn’t in literally the same test. It also fixed Cammy’s spiral arrow FADC window.

lmao… does it mean you have this game for PC after all that relentless trolling on the PC version request thread?

you are a very sad person :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for uploading this. I had time to play around with it last night. It was fun :slight_smile:

ah I see, thanks alot yeb works now. :slight_smile:

By health/stun changes do you mean the amount of health/stun each character has or the amount of health/stun each move does?

nice, thanks yeb. =) Gona test some Fei stuff and post here if i find anything about CW Hitboxes.

Gen is way too strong in 2012.