AE PC on sale $9.99 @Gamers Gate AND Capcom digital


I’ve used them and they are good.

Also direct from Capcom 9.99


I just got it for the pc and although it says the minimum amount of disc space needed is 4.5 gb (I had about 6 gb free) it still wasn’t enough when it finally got around to installing/extracting the downloaded files. WTH. So exactly how much free space total is needed for the whole procedure?


You might need some extra room to hold the download on the drive while it installs.


I ended up buying it and have had it for a day now. It feels almost totally different from the console versions. Like some stuff is waaaaay easier to land and other stuff like simple bnbs almost seem impossible to do.


Combo timings seeming different may be that your monitor lags or you need to adjust the graphics settings.

This is unplayable for me on the pc. I’m sure my monitor lags because I’ve adjusted settings and passed the benchmark test. Oh well it was ten bucks… I also noticed there weren’t many players playing and the level of play seemed lower overall.


Idk. I though of that and I’ve messed with the settings and my PC gets an A in the benchmark everytime. And if it was just straight up lag,then how would certain hard things be easier and certain easy no brainer stuff be harder? Like I swear that on Fei’s x2,cr.lp,st.lp,cr.lp >rekka the last cr.lp is always out of range to connect no matter what in the PC version for me where as on console it always touches them even when blocked. But,I can do the st.fp link after into whatever much easier on PC than console. With Ken I can do,cr.lp,cr.fp>special way easier than on console,but for the life of me I can barely do,cr.lp,st.lp,>ex.tatsu. My opponent just gets pushed out of range every time on PC. I play on GGPO quite a bit enough to know that my monitor doesn’t lag. In my online experience though I can atleast connect to more matches quickly and I actually find the level of play better. Maybe it’s just my region though.


it lasted a few days. back to 40 $ again.

or is this valid only for US region?


It’s over now.


Don’t worry, PC is still not even half as bad as the level of play on PSN. It’s like PSN is where the worst of the mashers congregate because they all secretly get paid twenty grand a month to only play there.


Sounds like I need to go back to PSN and start mashing more. $$$


When i had windows on my macbook i installed this game and it looked so much better than the ps3 and xbox version. It felt like a completley different game. I may install windows on my mac just to play this on pc again.


Oh it for sure as hell does look waaaaay better even on low settings. The animation quality even looks way better. I haven’t touched my console versions all week because the PC version has way way better online.


yeah theres so much detail and no jaggy’s on pc.


heck yea PC is so good looking, so is SFxT actually(yea it gets laggy but whatever)


on pc theres even lag wow capcom really fucked up with Street Fighter X Tekken. The game needed more development time.


Its not that bad mostly people in other countries lag, but now and then you will get a glitchy round or 2. People exaggerate. I am east coast and was playing a guy in Australia and it was laggy.


Its gonna a be lag not matter what. Capcom cant overcome the limits of the universe… you know like the speeds of light, resistance in copper cables,
poor routers that are overloaded, rain on cables, … etc. Theres a lot that goes on in the background for that match to take place and 90% its out of Capcoms hands.