AE PC Problem


I pre-loaded AE on Steam two days ag in anticiaption for the UK release. I went to start it up today and recieved the message:

“Fatal Error: An Unhandled Error Occurred (-1)”

I tried updating drivers and shutting down my firewall/other confliciting apps, but to no avail. I’m currently in the process of re-downloading an installing, but I wondered if any else had any ideas as to what t may be, in case this does not work.

I’m running a 2.8Ghz (tri-core), 3Ghz RAM, Radeon 4850HD setup. (Windows XP)


I had this problem, and the solution turned out to be this:

  1. Update your Windows For Live redistributable
  2. Run the Windows Live Marketplace
  3. Log In with your Live ID
  4. Run the game

If that doesn’t work, you may need to update your .NET framework or something.


that only occurs when the windows live service isn’t on.
go to run type "services.msc"
scroll down to " Windows Live ID Sign in Assistant"
and make sure its running. click on it and set it to automatic if its set to something other than that and run the game again. it and should be good to go. hope that helps


Spot on.

Thank you.


np man


I’m getting same deal and I hadn’t even touch the game in a month , I just wanted to try that AE2k12 prepatch stuff :frowning: .


I found out the issue . I had to do some check-up update with Steam or something . I forgot the term but it like rechecks the whole game or something for an update , but I don’t feel like checking it due to Steam getting hacked and all .