AE PC - skip vs loading screen?


Is there any way to skip the vs loading screen? The screen after you choose the stage and then the announcer goes “Your destiny… will be determined… here!”

I do a lot of character specific testing (usually unblockables) and this loading screen takes up a huge chunk of time when multiplied by 39. The closest solution I’ve found so far is just to simply mash start to skip maybe a few seconds of it, but this is the PC version. Surely there must be some sort of hack or mod or something to get rid of this nuisance, right?


If there is, you’d still be waiting. The VS screen masks the load time, so there would still be a delay while all the information loads up.


True, but that would vary with hardware. I’d imagine a powerful system with a solid state drive would load very quickly.


I havent seen much difference between having it on my SSD and normal drive.


I was referring to what would happen if the game didn’t force you to sit through the VS screen for a certain period of time. As it is most computers probably finish loading before that ends even without a SSD.


Does it really take that much time? It loads quickly no problem for me. Especially compared to console load times.


It’s pretty short but it’s definitely a mild annoyance when experimenting in training mode.

I’ve always thought it would be amazing if the game took full advantage of a PC’s capabilities, with a menu for instantly loading saved states for example.


I have an SSD and with Resource Monitor in the background, the disk’s Active Time jumps to about 25%ish for less than a second, then back to 0 afterward. I’m positive I don’t have to wait for any delay. It’s also the same deal with the dumb startup logos when you first start the game.

Tested by going to training mode and picking two random characters.