AE PC (Stuck at intro)

So just finished installing SSF4AE on steam, entered serial, logged into GFWL. And after pressing every single key possible on my keyboard I cant get off the intro video…

What am I supposed to press! it used to be ESC & Enter on sf4 vanilla. Or ASDF - ZXCV but nothings working! help.

Many keyboard and other devices just don’t work right now. Try another one or just wait for a patch.

I had this problem too. My Logitech MX Duo wireless keyboard wouldn’t work. I plugged in a wired USB keyboard and it started working. There’s already a big discussion about it on Steam.

wow, fuck you capcom, just fuck you.

as a former qa tester, this problem happening is mind boggling. did they not check with multiple devices? did they all use the same fight stick and keyboard? what’s the problem here? ive waited so long for ae to come out on pc, and i load it up and i cant even play it.

what horseshit.

My Logitech G510 also has the problem :frowning:

My LAPTOP keyboard has this problem. GG Capcom, you fail at PC. I’ve never seen a game have this problem, how hard could it be for the game to recognize KEYBOARDS?

I didn’t have a problem with the keyboard on Windows 7, but with Windows XP it’s seems even the legacy MS keyboard drivers don’t work with AE which is funny considering that’s the basic driver. Guess they forgot some of that Taito X2 input device protection in the code !

There’s a keyboard hotfix out there that converts keyboard inputs to xbox360 controller inputs. Using this you can get into options and remap everything so it works. I don’t have a link, but there are other threads with some info. Worked fine for me.