AE PC: Unlocking everything

Besides alt costumes of course, is there any way to unlock every colors/etc quickly? There was a way for the SF4.

Maybe someone will release a crack/trainer thing to release all the colors at a click. SF4 PC had that unlocker program too. Just give it some time or select every character ten times in versus mode and exit; repeat.

Well, that takes FOREVER though. Even for just one character. I just figured since this game is the very close to the original, it wouldn’t be so hard to do the same for this one (for someone that knows this kind of stuff). I guess I’ll have to be patient.

It works the same way in Super. Why are you complaining about something that hasn’t changed?
Playing the game unlocks stuff… it’s better than grinding out story mode or trials or what have you.


I’m talking about unlocking all of them in a heartbeat, not wasting my time unlocking time. Aka cheat, cheat engine, trainer that does it.

Yes, a tad early for that methinks. Someone will come out with it by finding the file that sets the flag to everything unlocked.
In the meantime, if you want to get colour 10 for your favourite character, just play 1-round matches against the easy AI for some combo practice.

Certainly it’s better than vanilla where unlocking Seth was a pain.

Someone is probably making one. Just play the characters you enjoy and unlock those naturally. It’ll come.